Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine

Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine

Editor(s): Brian H. Rowe

Print ISBN: 9781405161435

Online ISBN: 9781444303674

DOI: 10.1002/9781444303674


"The forward to this large format, hard cover, 658 page excellent book encapsulates why its topic is so important to the practice of modern emergency medicine." (BMJ, 13 April 2011)

"Dr. Brian Rowe, his co-editors and contributors, have masterfully designed a book to 'answer the direct, give-me-the-bottom-line questions emergency physicians ask in the middle of their shifts' … .Each chapter is extremely well referenced and the index seems complete and is user friendly ... .This will be my new goto text for evidenced-based answers to specific clinical questions. It belongs in every emergency medicine library, as well as on the shelf of those in charge of journal clubs and evidence-based lecture series." (Annals of Emergency Medicine, November 2009)

"This book alone takes on the difficult challenge of reviewing the evidence based decisions that are still not ubiquitous in the emergency departments of America." (Doody's, August 2009)

"The best available evidence in a clear and concise manner. … Especially useful to medical and pharmacy residents because of their background in the topics covered in this book ... .It is a significant evidence-based contribution to the emergency medicine literature." (The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, July 2009)