Coarse-Grained Deltas

Coarse-Grained Deltas

Editor(s): Albina Colella, David B. Prior

Published Online: 2 APR 2009

Print ISBN: 9780632028948

Online ISBN: 9781444303858

DOI: 10.1002/9781444303858

About this Book

This Special Publication contains most of the contributions presented at the 1st International Workshop on Fan Deltas (1988) but also contains additional papers which make this particular volume a very well-rounded reference source for the advanced undergraduate/graduate student and the professional earth scientist concerned with sedimentology and petroleum geology. The papers describe the sedimentology and tectonic setting of this important depositional environment. Course-grained deltas, ranging from sand to gravelly, are fully covered and the main focus is on steep-face systems whose steep subaqueous slopes are dominated by high-energy processes. The volume includes case histories from around the world and throughout the book there is emphasis on the subaqueous realm of the delta face, its sedimentary processes and facies associations

Table of contents

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  1. General Considerations

  2. Modern Alluvial Deltas

  3. Ancient Alluvial Deltas — Effects of Tectonics

  4. Ancient Alluvial Deltas — Effects of Varying Climate and Water Level

  5. Non-Alluvial Deltas

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