Fluvial Sedimentology VII

Fluvial Sedimentology VII

Editor(s): Michael D. Blum, Susan B. Marriott, Suzanne F. Leclair

Published Online: 17 MAR 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405126519

Online ISBN: 9781444304350

DOI: 10.1002/9781444304350

Series Editor(s): Ian Jarvis

About this Book

IAS Special Publication 35, Fluvial Sedimentology VII, comprises of a series of peer-reviewed papers that were initially presented at the 7th International Conference on Fluvial Sedimentology, held in Lincoln, Nebraska on August 6-10, 2001.

The 29 papers in this volume reflect the topical and geographic diversity of exciting research conducted by fluvial sedimentologists at the beginning of the 21st century. Themes represented in this volume include (a) flow, sediment transport, and bedform dynamics, (b) characteristics of modern fluvial landforms, environments and systems, (c) physical analogue and numerical modeling of fluvial systems, (d) the responses of Quaternary fluvial systems to climate change, active tectonics, and/or sea-level change, and (e) characteristics of pre-Quaternary fluvial deposits and evolution of pre-Quaternary fluvial systems.

Table of contents

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  1. Fluvial Processes and Forms

    1. The Morphology and Facies of Sandy Braided Rivers: Some Considerations of Scale Invariance (pages 145–158)

      Gregory H. Sambrook Smith, Philip J. Ashworth, James L. Best, John Woodward and Christopher J. Simpson

    2. Application of Laser Diffraction Grain-Size Analysis to Reveal Depositional Processes in Tidally Influenced Systems (pages 159–180)

      Petri Siiro, Matti E. Räsänen, Murray K. Gingras, Chad R. Harris, George Irion, S. George Pemberton and Alceu Ranzi

  2. Experimental and Numerical Modelling

  3. Quaternary Fluvial Systems

  4. Pre-Quaternary Fluvial Systems

    1. Palaeogeography and Fluvial to Estuarine Architecture of the Dakota Formation (Cretaceous, Albian), Eastern Nebraska, USA (pages 453–480)

      R. M. Joeckel, G. A. Ludvigson, B. J. Witzke, E. P. Kvale, P. L. Phillips, R. L. Brenner, S. G. Thomas and L. M. Howard

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