Continental Margin Sedimentation: From Sediment Transport to Sequence Stratigraphy

Continental Margin Sedimentation: From Sediment Transport to Sequence Stratigraphy

Editor(s): Charles A. Nittrouer, James A. Austin, Michael E. Field, Joseph H. Kravitz, James P. M. Syvitski, Patricia L. Wiberg

Print ISBN: 9781405169349

Online ISBN: 9781444304398

DOI: 10.1002/9781444304398

Series Editor(s): Ian Jarvis

Author Biography

About the Author

Charles A. Nittrouer is a Professor in the School of Oceanography and in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington. His research interests include the modern and ancient formation of sedimentary strata in continental-margin environments, and the effects of physical and biological oceanic processes on sedimentary characteristics.

James A. Austin, Jr., is a Senior Research Scientist in the University of Texas Institute of Geophysics, which is part of the Jackson School of Geosciences. James uses a variety of geophysical tools to examine the stratigraphic evolution of a wide range of marine and lacustrine environments around the world, including the latest Pleistocene-Holocene geology of the New Jersey continental shelf.

Michael E. Field is a Senior Marine Geologist with the USGS Pacific Science Center in Santa Cruz, California. His research has investigated sedimentation on many of the continental margins around the United States and the world, and recently he has expanded his focus to include the effects of watershed changes and sedimentation patterns on coral reef systems of Pacific high islands.

Joseph H. Kravitz spent many years as a program director of Marine Geology and Geophysics at the US Office of Naval Research, and is now associated with the George Washington University. His research interests include the study of sediments and sedimentary processes in high-latitude glacial-marine environments, as well as the application of marine geotechnique to geological problems.

James P.M. Syvitski is Director of INSTAAR, an Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, and is Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado. James investigates the discharge dynamics of global rivers and the sediment load they carry, the morphology and deposits of continental margins, the impact of high-energy weather events on coastlines; and the impact of ice sheets on high-latitude shelves and slopes.

Patricia L. Wiberg is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia. Her current research topics include storm-driven transport and the formation of sedimentary strata on the continental shelf, sediment dynamics on tidal salt marshes and in coastal lagoons, modeling fine-grained sediment dynamics, sediment-associated contaminant transport, and the evolution of continental-margin morphology.