Continental Margin Sedimentation: From Sediment Transport to Sequence Stratigraphy

Continental Margin Sedimentation: From Sediment Transport to Sequence Stratigraphy

Editor(s): Charles A. Nittrouer, James A. Austin, Michael E. Field, Joseph H. Kravitz, James P. M. Syvitski, Patricia L. Wiberg

Published Online: 25 MAR 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405169349

Online ISBN: 9781444304398

DOI: 10.1002/9781444304398

Series Editor(s): Ian Jarvis

About this Book

This volume on continental margin sedimentation brings together an expert editorial and contributor team to create a state-of-the-art resource. Taking a global perspective, the book spans a range of timescales and content, ranging from how oceans transport particles, to how thick rock sequences are formed on continental margins.

  • Summarizes and integrates our understanding of sedimentary processes and strata associated with fluvial dispersal systems on continental shelves and slopes
  • Explores timescales ranging from particle transport at one extreme, to deep burial at the other
  • Insights are presented for margins in general, and with focus on a tectonically active margin (northern California) and a passive margin (New Jersey), enabling detailed examination of the intricate relationships between a wide suite of sedimentary processes and their preserved stratigraphy
  • Includes observational studies which document the processes and strata found on particular margins, in addition to numerical models and laboratory experimentation, which provide a quantitative basis for extrapolation in time and space of insights about continental-margin sedimentation
  • Provides a research resource for scientists studying modern and ancient margins, and an educational text for advanced students in sedimentology and stratigraphy

Table of contents

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    2. Writing a Rosetta Stone: Insights into Continental-Margin Sedimentary Processes and Strata (pages 1–48)

      Charles A. Nittrouer, James A. Austin, Michael E. Field, Joseph H. Kravitz, James P. M. Syvitski and Patricia L. Wiberg

    3. Sediment Delivery to the Seabed on Continental Margins (pages 49–99)

      Paul S. Hill, Jason M. Fox, John S. Crockett, Kristian J. Curran, Carl T. Friedrichs, W. Rockwell Geyer, Timothy G. Milligan, Andrea S. Ogston, Pere Puig, Malcolm E. Scully, Peter A. Traykovski and Robert A. Wheatcroft

    4. Post-Depositional Alteration and Preservation of Sedimentary Strata (pages 101–155)

      Robert A. Wheatcroft, Patricia L. Wiberg, Clark R. Alexander, Samuel J. Bentley, David E. Drake, Courtney K. Harris and Andrea S. Ogston

    5. Oceanic Dispersal and Accumulation of River Sediment (pages 157–212)

      Christopher K. Sommerfield, Andrea S. Ogston, Beth L. Mullenbach, David E. Drake, Clark R. Alexander, Charles A. Nittrouer, Jeffry C. Borgeld, Robert A. Wheatcroft and Elana L. Leithold

    6. Submarine Mass Movements on Continental Margins (pages 213–274)

      Homa J. Lee, Jacques Locat, Priscilla Desgagnés, Jeffrey D. Parsons, Brian G. McAdoo, Daniel L. Orange, Pere Puig, Florence L. Wong, Peter Dartnell and Eric Boulanger

    7. The Mechanics of Marine Sediment Gravity Flows (pages 275–337)

      Jeffrey D. Parsons, Carl T. Friedrichs, Peter A. Traykovski, David Mohrig, Jasim Imran, James P. M. Syvitski, Gary Parker, Pere Puig, James L. Buttles and Marcelo H. García

    8. Seascape Evolution on Clastic Continental Shelves and Slopes (pages 339–380)

      Lincoln F. Pratson, Charles A. Nittrouer, Patricia L. Wiberg, Michael S. Steckler, John B. Swenson, David A. Cacchione, Jeffery A. Karson, A. Bradley Murray, Matthew A. Wolinsky, Thomas P. Gerber, Beth L. Mullenbach, Glenn A. Spinelli, Craig S. Fulthorpe, Damian B. O'grady, Gary Parker, Neal W. Driscoll, Robert L. Burger, Christopher Paola, Daniel L. Orange, Michael E. Field, Carl T. Friedrichs and Juan J. Fedele

    9. The Long-Term Stratigraphic Record on Continental Margins (pages 381–458)

      Gregory S. Mountain, Robert L. Burger, Heike Delius, Craig S. Fulthorpe, Jamie A. Austin, David S. Goldberg, Michael S. Steckler, Cecilia M. McHugh, Kenneth G. Miller, Donald H. Monteverde, Daniel L. Orange and Lincoln F. Pratson

    10. Prediction of Margin Stratigraphy (pages 459–529)

      James P. M. Syvitski, Lincoln F. Pratson, Patricia L. Wiberg, Michael S. Steckler, Marcelo H. García, W. Rockwell Geyer, Courtney K. Harris, Eric W. H. Hutton, Jasim Imran, Homa J. Lee, Mark D. Morehead and Gary Parker

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