Sedimentary Processes, Environments and Basins: A Tribute to Peter Friend

Sedimentary Processes, Environments and Basins: A Tribute to Peter Friend

Editor(s): Gary Nichols, Ed Williams, Chris Paola

Published Online: 30 MAR 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405179225

Online ISBN: 9781444304411

DOI: 10.1002/9781444304411

Series Editor(s): Ian Jarvis

About this Book

For several decades Peter Friend has been one of the leading figures in sedimentary geology and throughout that time he has helped scores of other people by supervising doctoral students, collaborating with colleagues, especially in developing countries, and selflessly sharing ideas with fellow geologists. This collection of papers is a survey of the research frontier in basin dynamics, a field Peter Friend helped initiate, and a token of thanks from people who have benefited from an association with Peter during their careers. The papers in this book fall into four themes - Tectonics and sedimentation, Landscape evolution and provenance, Depositional systems and Fluvial sedimentation - which reflect Peter's research interests and are all important areas of current research in sedimentary geology. There are both case studies and review articles on these themes which reflect recent work, but the collection can also be considered to be a 'sampler' of sedimentary geology for anyone with broad interests in the Earth sciences.

Table of contents

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    2. Late Cenozoic Basin Opening in Relation to Major Strike-Slip Faulting Along the Porto–Coimbra–Tomar Fault Zone (Northern Portugal) (pages 137–153)

      Alberto Gomes, Helder I. Chaminé, José Teixeira, Paulo E. Fonseca, Luís C. Gama Pereira, Ary Pinto de Jesus, Augusto Pérez Albertí, Maria A. Araújo, Alexandra Coelho, António Soares de Andrade and Fernando T. Rocha

    3. Anatomy of a Transgressive Systems Tract Revealed by Integrated Sedimentological and Palaeoecological Study: The Barcellona Pozzo Di Gotto Basin, Northeastern Sicily, Italy (pages 367–400)

      Carlo Messina, Maria Antonietta Rosso, Francesco Sciuto, Italo Di Geronimo, Wojciek Nemec, Tatiana Di Dio, Raffaella Di Geronimo, Rosanna Maniscalco and Rossana Sanfilippo

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