Sandstone Diagenesis: Recent and Ancient

Sandstone Diagenesis: Recent and Ancient

Editor(s): Stuart D. Burley, Richard H. Worden

Published Online: 30 MAR 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405108973

Online ISBN: 9781444304459

DOI: 10.1002/9781444304459

About this Book

Diagenesis affects all sediments after their deposition and includes a fundamental suite of physical, chemical and biological processes that control the texture, mineralogy and fluid-flow properties of sedimentary rocks. Understanding the processes and products of diagenesis is thus a critical component in the analysis of the evolution of sedimentary basins, and has practical implications for subsurface porosity destruction, preservation and generation. This in turn is of great relevance to the petroleum and water industries, as well as to the location and nature of some economic mineral deposits.

  • Combines key papers in sandstone diagenesis published in Sedimentology over the last 30 years.
  • Records the development of diagenesis from the description of grain shapes through provenance, petrography and analytical geochemistry to predictive models of diagenetic process.
  • Provides definitions and explanations of the terms and concepts used in diagenesis.

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Table of contents

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  1. Introduction

  2. Eogenesis (Early Diagenesis) - Marine Eogenesis

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  3. Eogenesis (Early Diagenesis) - Non-Marine Eogenesis 1: Warm and Wet Environments

  4. Eogenesis (Early Diagenesis) - Non-Marine Eogenesis 2: Arid Environments

    1. Rock Varnish in the Sonoran Desert: Microbiologically Mediated Accumulation of Manganiferous Sediments (pages 283–286)

      Bartholomew Nagy, Lois Anne Nagy, Mark J. Rigali, William D. Jones, David H. Krinsley and Norval A. Sinclair

  5. Mesogenesis (Burial Diagenesis) - Quartz-Related Mesogenesis

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  6. Mesogenesis (Burial Diagenesis) - Carbonate-Cement-Dominated Mesogenesis

  7. Mesogenesis (Burial Diagenesis) - Clay and Aluminosilicate Mineral-Related Mesogenesis

    1. The Origin of Faceted Garnets in Sandstones: Dissolution or Overgrowth? (pages 507–522)

      A. C. Morton, G. Borg, P. L. Hansley, P. D. W. Haughton, D. H. Krinsley and P. Trusty

  8. Mesogenesis (Burial Diagenesis) - Effect of Oil on Sandstone Mesogenesis

  9. Mesogenesis (Burial Diagenesis) - Integrated Time, Temperature and Water-Composition Analysis of Sandstone Mesogenesis

  10. Mesogenesis (Burial Diagenesis) - Telogenesis (Uplift-Related Diagenesis)

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