The Malays

The Malays

Author(s): Anthony Milner

Published Online: 24 MAR 2009

Print ISBN: 9780631172222

Online ISBN: 9781444305098

DOI: 10.1002/9781444305098

About this Book

Just who are 'the Malays'? This provocative study poses the question and considers how and why the answers have changed over time, and from one region to another. Anthony Milner develops a sustained argument about ethnicity and identity in an historical, 'Malay' context. The Malays is a comprehensive examination of the origins and development of Malay identity, ethnicity, and consciousness over the past five centuries.

  • Covers the political, economic, and cultural development of the Malays
  • Explores the Malay presence in Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, as well as the modern Malay show-state of Malaysia
  • Offers diplomatic speculation about ways Malay ethnicity will develop and be challenged in the future

Table of contents