A Companion to Ancient Philosophy

A Companion to Ancient Philosophy

Editor(s): Mary Louise Gill, Pierre Pellegrin

Print ISBN: 9780631210610

Online ISBN: 9781444305845

DOI: 10.1002/9781444305845


"This Companion does a good job of introducing students to the study of ancient philosophy…This book will give students a sense of what working in the area of ancient philosophy involves and may encourage them to develop some of the requisite skills themselves rather than simply furnish another source for regurgitation." (The Classical Review, Vol 58 No. 1 2008)

"[T]he Companion draws together a wealth of material, presented in accordance with the most recent scholarly standards for the interpretation of ancient philosophical texts. The Companion will be an excellent source-book for students interested in the study of ancient philosophy, as well as for scholars who are rethinking their views on well-known problems by considering the new perspectives offered." (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)