Amazonia: Landscape and Species Evolution: A look into the past

Amazonia: Landscape and Species Evolution: A look into the past

Editor(s): C. Hoorn, F. P. Wesselingh

Published Online: 1 JUL 2010 02:57PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781405181136

Online ISBN: 9781444306408

DOI: 10.1002/9781444306408

About this Book

The book focuses on geological history as the critical factor in determining the present biodiversity and landscapes of Amazonia. The different driving mechanisms for landscape evolution are explored by reviewing the history of the Amazonian Craton, the associated sedimentary basins, and the role of mountain uplift and climate change.

This book provdes an insight into the Meso- and Cenozoic record of Amazonia that was characterized by fluvial and long-lived lake systems and a highly diverse flora and fauna. This fauna includes giants such as the ca. 12 m long caiman Purussaurus, but also a varied fish fauna and fragile molluscs, whilst fossil pollen and spores form relics of ancestral swamps and rainforests.

Finally, a review the molecular datasets of the modern Amazonian rainforest and aquatic ecosystem, discussing the possible relations between the origin of Amazonian species diversity and the palaeogeographic, palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental evolution of northern South America. The multidisciplinary approach in evaluating the history of Amazonia has resulted in a comprehensive volume that provides novel insights into the evolution of this region.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Tectonic Processes as Driving Mechanisms for Palaeogeographical and Palaeoenvironmental Evolution in Amazonia

    1. Chapter Three

      The Paleozoic Solimões and Amazonas Basins and the Acre Foreland Basin of Brazil (pages 29–37)

      Joaquim Ribeiro Wanderley-Filho, Jaime Fernandes Eiras, Paulo Roberto da Cruz Cunha and Paulus H. van der Ven

    2. Chapter Four

      Tectonic History of the Andes and Sub-Andean Zones: Implications for the Development of the Amazon Drainage Basin (pages 38–60)

      Andres Mora, Patrice Baby, Martin Roddaz, Mauricio Parra, Stéphane Brusset, Wilber Hermoza and Nicolas Espurt

    3. Chapter Five

      Cenozoic Sedimentary Evolution of the Amazonian Foreland Basin System (pages 61–88)

      Martin Roddaz, Wilber Hermoza, Andres Mora, Patrice Baby, Mauricio Parra, Frédéric Christophoul, Stéphane Brusset and Nicolas Espurt

    4. Chapter Six

      The Nazca Ridge and Uplift of the Fitzcarrald Arch: Implications for Regional Geology in Northern South America (pages 89–100)

      Nicolas Espurt, Patrice Baby, Stéphane Brusset, Martin Roddaz, Wilber Hermoza and Jocelyn Barbarand

  2. Part II: Cenozoic Depositional Systems in Amazonia

    1. Chapter Seven

      The Amazonian Craton and its Influence on Past Fluvial Systems (Mesozoic-Cenozoic, Amazonia) (pages 101–122)

      Carina Hoorn, Martin Roddaz, Rodolfo Dino, Emilio Soares, Cornelius Uba, Diana Ochoa-Lozano and Russell Mapes

    2. Chapter 9

      Marine influence in Amazonia: Evidence from the Geological Record (pages 143–161)

      Jussi Hovikoski, Frank P. Wesselingh, Matti Räsänen, Murray Gingras and Hubert B. Vonhof

  3. Part III: Amazonian Climate, Past and Present

  4. Part IV: Cenozoic Development of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biota: Insights from the Fossil Record

    1. Chapter 15

      A Review of Tertiary Mammal Faunas and Birds from Western Amazonia (pages 243–258)

      Francisco Ricardo Negri, Jean Bocquentin-Villanueva, Jorge Ferigolo and Pierre-Olivier Antoine

    2. Chapter 16

      Neogene Crocodile and Turtle Fauna in Northern South America (pages 259–280)

      Douglas Riff, Pedro Seyferth R. Romano, Gustavo Ribeiro Oliveira and Orangel A. Aguilera

    3. Chapter 17

      The Amazonian Neogene Fish Fauna (pages 281–301)

      John G. Lundberg, Mark H. Sabaj Pérez, Wasila M. Dahdul and Orangel A. Aguilera

    4. Chapter 19

      The Origin of the Modern Amazon Rainforest: Implications of the Palynological and Palaeobotanical Record (pages 317–334)

      Carlos Jaramillo, Carina Hoorn, Silane A. F. Silva, Fatima Leite, Fabiany Herrera, Luis Quiroz, Rodolfo Dino and Luzia Antonioli

  5. Part V: Modern Perspectives on the Origin of Amazonian Biota

    1. Chapter 24

      Molecular Studies and Phylogeography of Amazonian Tetrapods and their Relation to Geological and Climatic Models (pages 386–404)

      Alexandre Antonelli, Adrián Quijada-Mascareñas, Andrew J. Crawford, John M. Bates, Paúl M. Velazco and Wolfgang Wüster

  6. Part VI: Synthesis

    1. Chapter 26

      On the Origin of Amazonian Landscapes and Biodiversity: A Synthesis (pages 419–431)

      Frank P. Wesselingh, Carina Hoorn, Salomon B. Kroonenberg, Alexandre Antonelli, John G. Lundberg, Hubert B. Vonhof and Henry Hooghiemstra

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