Handbook of Catchment Management

Handbook of Catchment Management

Editor(s): Robert C. Ferrier, Alan Jenkins

Published Online: 28 OCT 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405171229

Online ISBN: 9781444307672

DOI: 10.1002/9781444307672

About this Book

This book addresses the fundamental requirement for an interdisciplinary catchment based approach to managing and protecting   water resources that crucially includes an understanding of land use and its management.   In this approach the hydrological cycle links mountains to the sea, and ecosystems in rivers, groundwaters, lakes, wetlands, estuaries and coasts forming an essential continuum directly influenced by human activity.

The book provides a synthesis of current and future thinking in catchment management, and shows how the specific problems that arise in water use policy can be addressed within the context of an integrated approach to management. The book is written for advanced students, researchers, fellow academics and water sector professionals such as planners and regulators. The intention is to highlight examples and case studies that have resonance not only within   natural sciences and engineering but with academics in other fields such as   socio-economics, law and policy.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      Wetland Management (pages 19–50)

      Mike C. Acreman and J. Owen Mountford

    3. Chapter 11

      Managing Catchments for Hydropower Generation (pages 253–286)

      Haakon Thaulow, Arve Tvede, Tor Simon Pedersen and Karin Seelos

    4. Chapter 15

      Managing the Catchments of the Great Barrier Reef (pages 351–376)

      Jane Waterhouse, Mike Grundy, Iain Gordon, Jon Brodie, Rachel Eberhard and Hugh Yorkston

    5. Chapter 23

      The Future for Catchment Management (pages 501–515)

      Robert C. Ferrier, Alan Jenkins and Kirsty Blackstock

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