Bone Marrow Pathology, Fourth Edition

Bone Marrow Pathology, Fourth Edition

Author(s): Barbara J. Bain, David M. Clark, Bridget S. Wilkins

Print ISBN: 9781405168250

Online ISBN: 9781444309782

DOI: 10.1002/9781444309782


"This book is excellent. Haematopathology can be daunting and the study of bone marrows especially so. The authors deserve credit for producing a book that is not only easy to read and understand, but is also a compact, detailed and exhaustive guide.  I would highly recommend it to trainees and consultants in haematology and histopathology alike. Each and every department that reports bone marrows should have it in their library, preferably within easy reach." (ACP News, December 2010)

"This is one of only a few references that effortlessly integrate the entire process critical for accurate bone marrow interpretation. It is a must for practicing hematopathologists." (Doody's,

"Trainee medical and laboratory staff in haematology and histopathology will all derive great benefit from using this publication to aid their studies. The logical approach, concise text, and abundance of illustrations make this book an important addition to any reading list used as preparation for examinations. In short, this is a seriously good book!" (The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists, July 2010)

"Bone Marrow Pathology is illustrated very well and contains clear and straightforward description of the broad spectrum of bone marrow pathology. The book is of huge value for histopathologists and hematologists practicing bone marrow diagnostics." (Hematological Oncology, February 2010)