Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy

Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy

Editor(s): Thomas Christiano, John Christman

Published Online: 27 APR 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405133210

Online ISBN: 9781444310399

DOI: 10.1002/9781444310399

About this Book

This collection of 24 essays, written by eminent philosophers and political theorists, brings together fresh debates on some of the most fundamental questions in contemporary political philosophy, including human rights, equality, constitutionalism, the value of democracy, identity and political neutrality.

  • Presents fresh debates on six of the fundamental questions in contemporary political philosophy
  • Each question is treated by a pair of opposing essays written by eminent scholars
  • Lively debate format sharply defines the issues, invites the reader to participate in the exchange of arguments and paves the way for further discussion
  • Will serve as an accessible introduction to the major topics in political philosophy, whilst also capturing the imagination of professional philosophers
  • Offers the unique opportunity to observe leading philosophers engaging in head-to-head debate

Table of contents

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    1. Chapter 1

      Introduction (pages 1–20)

      Thomas Christiano and John Christman

  1. Questions of Method

  2. Liberalism - Political Neutrality

  3. Liberalism - Liberty and Distributive Justice

  4. Liberalism - Equality

  5. Democracy and Its Limits - The Value of Democracy

  6. Democracy and Its Limits - Deliberative Democracy

  7. Democracy and Its Limits - Constitutionalism

  8. Persons, Identity and Difference - Individualism and Community

  9. Persons, Identity and Difference - Identity and the Politics of Difference

  10. Global Justice - Cosmopolitanism

  11. Global Justice - Human Rights

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