Freshwater Prawns: Biology and Farming

Freshwater Prawns: Biology and Farming

Editor(s): Michael Bernard New, Wagner Cotroni Valenti, James H. Tidwell, Louis R. D'Abramo, Methil Narayanan Kutty

Published Online: 4 SEP 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405148610

Online ISBN: 9781444314649

DOI: 10.1002/9781444314649

About this Book

Covering general biology and every aspect of farming freshwater prawns, from current research to development and commercial practice, this has become widely viewed as a landmark publication in the field. The well-known team of editors, New, Valenti, Tidwell, D'Abramo and Kutty, have gathered cutting-edge contributions from the world's leading experts to provide farm personnel, business managers, researchers and invertebrate, freshwater and crustacean biologists with an essential resource.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 3

      Biology (pages 18–39)

      Dr. Janet H. Brown, Mr. Michael Bernard New and Dr. Deborah Ismael

    4. Chapter 4

      Broodstock Management (pages 40–54)

      Dr. William H. Daniels, Dr. Ronaldo O. Cavalli and Dr. Richard P. Smullen

    5. Chapter 5

      Hatchery Systems and Management (pages 55–85)

      Dr. Wagner Cotroni Valenti, Dr. William H. Daniels, Mr. Michael Bernard New and Eudes S. Correia

    6. Chapter 6

      Larval Feeds and Feeding (pages 86–107)

      Ir. Jean Dhont, Ir. Mathieu Wille, Mr. Mike Frinsko, Mr. Shawn D. Coyle and Dr. Patrick Sorgeloos

    7. Chapter 7

      Nursery Systems and Management (pages 108–126)

      Mr. Shawn D. Coyle, Dr. Dallas E. Alston and Dra. Céelia M. S. Sampaio

    8. Chapter 9

      Grow-Out Systems – Monoculture (pages 154–179)

      Dr. Wagner Cotroni Valenti, Mr. Michael Bernard New, Dr. K.R. Salin and Dr. Jinyun Ye

    9. Chapter 11

      Grow-Out Systems – Polyculture and Integrated Culture (pages 195–217)

      Dr. Sergio Zimmermann, Dr. C. Mohanakumaran Nair and Mr. Michael Bernard New

    10. Chapter 12

      Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding (pages 218–238)

      Dr. Louis R. D'Abramo and Mr. Michael Bernard New

    11. Chapter 14

      Health Management (pages 256–277)

      Dr. Devika Pillai, Dr. Sterling K. Johnson and Dr. Sérgio L.S. Bueno

    12. Chapter 15

      Genetics (pages 278–315)

      Dr. Spencer Malecha, Dr. Peter Mather and Dr. David Hurwood

    13. Chapter 18

      Post-Harvest Handling and Processing (pages 400–419)

      Dr. Juan L. Silva, Mr. Harold Phillips and Dr. Raúl M. M. Madrid

    14. Chapter 19

      Marketing and Preparation for Consumption (pages 420–447)

      Mr. Harold Phillips, Dr. Terrill R. Hanson, Dr. Siddhartha Dasgupta and Dr. Cortney Ohs

    15. Chapter 20

      Economics and Business Management (pages 448–474)

      Mr. Raymond Rhodes, Dr. Terrill R. Hanson and Dr. Siddhartha Dasgupta

    16. Chapter 23

      Culture of Other Freshwater Prawn Species (pages 502–523)

      Dr. Methil Narayanan Kutty and Dr. Wagner Cotroni Valenti

    17. Chapter 24

      Sustainability of Freshwater Prawn Culture (pages 524–530)

      Mr. Michael Bernard New, Dr. Louis R. D'Abramo, Dr. Wagner Cotroni Valenti and Somsak Singholka

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