Science and Religion in Dialogue

Science and Religion in Dialogue

Editor(s): Melville Y. Stewart

Published Online: 29 JAN 2010

Print ISBN: 9781405189217

Online ISBN: 9781444317350

DOI: 10.1002/9781444317350

About this Book

This two-volume collection of cutting edge thinking about science and religion shows how scientific and religious practices of inquiry can be viewed as logically compatible, complementary, and mutually supportive.

  • Features submissions by world-leading scientists and philosophers
  • Discusses a wide range of hotly debated issues, including Big Bang cosmology, evolution, intelligent design, dinosaurs and creation, general and special theories of relativity, dark energy, the Multiverse Hypothesis, and Super String Theory
  • Includes articles on stem cell research and Bioethics by William Hurlbut, who served on President Bush's Bioethics Committee


Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Has Science Really Destroyed Its Own Religious Roots?

  2. Part 2: God and Physical Reality: Relativity, Time, and Quantum Mechanics

  3. Part 3: Interaction Between Science and Christianity

  4. Part 4: Interplay of Scientific and Religious Knowledge Regarding Evolution

  5. Part 5: The Universe Makes It Probable That There Is A God

  6. Part 6: A Paleontologist Considers Science and Religion

  7. Part 7: Christian Faith and Biological Explanation

  8. Part 8: Religion, Naturalism, and Science

  9. Part 9: Science and Theology as Faithful Human Activities

  10. Part 10: Cosmology and Theology

  11. Part 11: Science Under Stress in the Twentieth Century: Lessons from the Case of Early Nuclear Physics

  12. Part 12: The Science of Religion

  13. Part 13: Belief in God

  14. Part 14: Background Topics for the Science and Religion Dialogue

  15. Part 15: Stewardship and Economic Harmony: Living Sustainability on Earth

  16. Part 16: Cosmology and Theism

  17. Part 17: Theology and Science in a Postmodern Context

  18. Part 18: Darwin and Intelligent Design

  19. Part 19: The Laws of Physics and Bio-Friendliness

  20. Part 20: Time and Open Theism

  21. Part 21: Science and Scripture

  22. Part 22: The Mutuality of Science and Theology

  23. Part 23: Physics and Scientific Materialism

  24. Part 24: Biotechnology and Human Dignity

  25. Part 25: Science, Emergence, and Religion

  26. Part 26: Theories and Unobservables: The Realist/Nonrealist Debate in Science and Religion

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