Understanding Organ Donation: Applied Behavioral Science Perspectives

Understanding Organ Donation: Applied Behavioral Science Perspectives

Editor(s): Jason T. Siegel, Eusebio M. Alvaro

Published Online: 6 JAN 2010

Print ISBN: 9781405192132

Online ISBN: 9781444317459

DOI: 10.1002/9781444317459

About this Book

This highly important book introduces the realm of organ donation, providing an overview of the current situation, highlighting the challenges, summarizing past research,  and providing guidance for future research.

  • The first book to bridge the gap between applied research and the social and behavioral issues surrounding organ donation
  • An impressive collection of contributors from a range of both practitioners and scientists actively working in the field
  • Provides a concrete example of how evidence-based research and theory can be applied with real-world value
  • Explores future directions of organ donation and research including community-based health interventions, ethical considerations, and advancing donor registration
  • The latest publication in the prestigious Claremont Applied Social Psychology Series

Table of contents

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  1. Introduction and Overview

  2. Part I: Media and Community Interventions

    1. Chapter 4

      The Effectiveness of the Donate Life—African American Campaign in Minneapolis–St. Paul (pages 64–82)

      David M. Radosevich, Susan Mau Larson, Tiffany Scott, Clarence Jones, William Tendle and Susan Gunderson

  3. Part II: Organizational Interventions

    1. Chapter 10

      Design and Evaluation of Work Site Promotions of Organ Donation (pages 164–176)

      Michael T. Quinn, Jackie Gnepp, G. Caleb Alexander, Diane Hollingsworth, Kate Grubbs O'Connor, Willa Lang, Joshua Klayman and David Meltzer

    2. Chapter 12

      Promoting Organ Donation through College Student Campaigns (pages 200–220)

      Thomas Hugh Feeley, Ashley E. Anker, Donald E. Vincent and Carla R. Williams

    3. Chapter 13

      Take Time to Talk (pages 221–233)

      Catherine Paykin, Gigi Politoski and Linda Singleton-Driscoll

  4. Part III: Broad Perspectives and Future Directions

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