Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures

Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures

Editor(s): Zoe Diana Draelos

Published Online: 10 MAR 2010

Print ISBN: 9781405186353

Online ISBN: 9781444317657

DOI: 10.1002/9781444317657

About this Book

Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures provides a comprehensive compendium of the approaches cosmetic dermatolgists can apply for their patients. It is structured by use within a daily routine so the dermatologist can provide a complete solution for their patients. It reviews skin physiology and the delivery systems of cosmetics, and how they affect the skin. It then looks sequentially at hygiene products for cleaning and mositurizing the skin, adornment products for colouring before looking at antiaging techniques for rejuvenating the skin and their applications as therapeutics.

 Using short, tightly focused chapters written by recognized experts, Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures

  • Covers cosmetic applications for hygiene, adornment and antiaging
  • Reviews the full range of cosmetic products and procedures
  • Provides both therapeutic and aesthetic applications
  • Comprises concise, highly focused chapters enabling the reader to gather a thorough understanding
  •  References key significant evidence presented for each chapter

Table of contents

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  1. Section I: Basic Concepts - Part 1: Skin Physiology Pertinent to Cosmetic Dermatology

    1. Chapter 1

      Epidermal Barrier (pages 1–12)

      Sreekumar Pillai, Marc Cornell and Christian Oresajo

    2. Chapter 6

      Novel, Compelling Non-Invasive Techniques for Evaluating Cosmetic Products (pages 47–54)

      Thomas J. Stephens, Christian Oresajo, Robert Goodman, Margarita Yatskayer and Paul Kavanaugh

  2. Section I: Basic Concepts - Part 2: Delivery of Cosmetic Skin Actives

  3. Section II: Hygiene Products - Part 1: Cleansers

    1. Chapter 10

      Bar Cleansers (pages 75–87)

      Anthony W. Johnson and K. P. Ananthapadmanabhan

  4. Section II: Hygiene Products - Part 2: Moisturizers

    1. Chapter 17

      Hand and Foot Moisturizers (pages 130–138)

      Teresa M. Weber, Andrea M. Schoelermann, Ute Breitenbach, Ulrich Scherdin and Alexandra Kowcz

    2. Chapter 18

      Sunless Tanning Products (pages 139–143)

      Angelike Galdi, Peter Foltis and Christian Oresajo

    3. Chapter 19

      Sunscreens (pages 144–149)

      Dominique Moyal, Angelike Galdi and Christian Oresajo

  5. Section II: Hygiene Products - Part 3: Personal Care Products

  6. Section III: Adornment - Part 1: Colored Facial Cosmetics

    1. Chapter 24

      Lips and Lipsticks (pages 184–189)

      Catherine Heusèle, Hervé Cantin and Frédéric Bonté

    2. Chapter 25

      Eye Cosmetics (pages 190–196)

      Sarah A. Vickery, Peter Wyatt and John Gilley

  7. Section III: Adornment - Part 2: Nail Cosmetics

  8. Section III: Adornment - Part 3: Hair Cosmetics

    1. Chapter 29

      Hair Physiology and Grooming (pages 222–226)

      Maria Hordinsky, Ana Paula Avancini Caramori and Jeff D. Donovan

    2. Chapter 32

      Hair Straightening (pages 248–255)

      Harold Bryant, Felicia Dixon, Angela Ellington and Crystal Porter

  9. Section IV: Antiaging - Part 1: Cosmeceuticals

    1. Chapter 38

      Retinoids (pages 309–318)

      Olivier Sorg, Gürkan Kaya, Behrooz Kasraee and Jean H. Saurat

  10. Section IV: Antiaging - Part 2: Injectable Antiaging Techniques

    1. Chapter 45

      Skin Fillers (pages 361–372)

      Neil Sadick, Misbah H. Khan and Babar K. Rao

  11. Section IV: Antiaging - Part 3: Resurfacing Techniques

  12. Section IV: Antiaging - Part 4: Skin Modulation Techniques

    1. Chapter 53

      Laser-Assisted Hair Removal (pages 432–438)

      Keyvan Nouri, Voraphol Vejjabhinanta, Nidhi Avashia and Rawat Charoensawad

  13. Section IV: Antiaging - Part 5: Skin Contouring Techniques

  14. Section IV: Antiaging - Part 6: Implementation of Cosmetic Dermatology into Therapeutics

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