Chromatic Cinema: A History of Screen Color

Chromatic Cinema: A History of Screen Color

Author(s): Richard Misek

Print ISBN: 9781444332391

Online ISBN: 9781444320077

DOI: 10.1002/9781444320077


"Chromatic Cinema provides a much-needed technological history of machines and techniques for producing moving images in color, as well as a cultural history of color films."  (BRIAN R. JACOBSON, Technology and Culture, July 2012)

"An invigorating critical intervention into the history, theory and aesthetic analysis of colour in the cinema."  (JENNIFER M. BARKER, Screen, August 2012)

"Chromatic Cinema provides a wealth of information and of examples of different approaches to colour in cinema and stimulates enough thoughts and reflections to be a worthy addition to any library on colour in cinema."  (NICOLA MAZZANTI, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, April 2012

"Chromatic Cinema is an excellent critical history of screen colour by Richard Misek, who teaches at the University of Bristol, near which, as I recall, is a plaque to mark the birthplace of William Friese-Greene, the somewhat unfortunate British movie pioneer, one of who patents was for his own colour system." (Times Literary Supplement, 25 November 2011)

"The book touches on most of the important aspects of color cinema-from history to technology to ideology-and serves as an orientation course for a complex subject. It's a gateway read, neither intimidating nor frustrating. For a beginner (like me), it presented a smattering of philosophical ideas, a grounding in the why and how progression of color use, and a primer on the science of color technologies." (MUBI, September 2010)