Crystal Growth Processes Based on Capillarity: Czochralski, Floating Zone, Shaping and Crucible Techniques

Crystal Growth Processes Based on Capillarity: Czochralski, Floating Zone, Shaping and Crucible Techniques

Editor(s): Thierry Duffar

Published Online: 20 APR 2010

Print ISBN: 9780470712443

Online ISBN: 9781444320237

DOI: 10.1002/9781444320237

About this Book

The demand for large, high-quality single crystals has increased rapidly as a result of the growing semiconductor and optics industry, where perfect single crystals are used as substrates or components for devices.

Crystal Growth Processes Based on Capillarity covers all crystal growth techniques and explains why and how they are dependent on liquid surface phenomena, or capillarity. Each chapter addresses fundamental capillary effects, detailed experimental developments, technically important processes, and associated software. The book includes:

  • Basic principles of capillarity, wetting and growth angle data and detailed mathematical treatments
  • Shape stability in capillary crystal growth, including Verneuil and Czochralski techniques
  • Czochralski process dynamics and control
  • Floating Zone crystal growth
  • Shaped crystal growth of silicon and sapphire, micro-pulling down techniques
  • Vertical Bridgman and dewetting processes
  • Marangoni convection in crystal growth

With over 25 years experience, Duffar brings together a good balance of theory and experimental techniques, making this a resource for all crystal growers in both research and in industry.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      Basic Principles of Capillarity in Relation to Crystal Growth (pages 1–49)

      Nicolas Eustathopoulos, Béatrice Drevet, Simon Brandon and Alexander Virozub

    3. Chapter 3

      Czochralski Process Dynamics and Control Design (pages 115–202)

      Jan Winkler, Michael Neubert, Joachim Rudolph, Ning Duanmu and Michael Gevelber

    4. Chapter 4

      Floating Zone Crystal Growth (pages 203–275)

      Anke Lüdge, Helge Riemann, Michael Wünscher, Günter Behr, Wolfgang Löser, Andris Muiznieks and Arne Cröll

    5. Chapter 5

      Shaped Crystal Growth (pages 277–354)

      Vladimir N. Kurlov, Sergei N. Rossolenko, Nikolai V. Abrosimov and Kheirreddine Lebbou

    6. Chapter 7

      Marangoni Convection in Crystal Growth (pages 413–464)

      Arne Cröll, Taketoshi Hibiya, Suguru Shiratori, Koichi Kakimoto and Lijun Liu

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