Patient Safety, 2nd edition

Patient Safety, 2nd edition

Author(s): Charles Vincent

Print ISBN: 9781405192217

Online ISBN: 9781444323856

DOI: 10.1002/9781444323856


"Therefore I believe that this book should be read by anyone involved in, or responsible for healthcare."  (Bulletin Royal College of Path, 1 July 2011)

"This is a superb book. I can strongly recommend it to all doctors, to medical students, to other clinical staff and to managers who have to try and make sense of the chaotic complexity of healthcare. The author's expertise is demonstrated throughout, and his examples are drawn from UK, American, European healthcare systems, with appropriate comparison across to other industries where they are useful."  ( Dr. Nicholas P. G. Davies (Halifax, UK) posted January 1, 2011)

"This book is a tremendous asset in advancing the field of patient safety. The book is well-referenced and current and provides a comprehensive yet very readable summary of patient safety. It will serve well anyone who is involved in patient care. In describing this book, the words, "expert", "indispensable", and "worthwhile" come to mind. This is a significant update of the previous edition." (Doody's, 7 October 2011)

 "The sections on 'designing out' hospital acquired infection are helpful for infection control staff and architects. Prescribers and pharmacists benefit from seeing how IT can reduce medication errors". (ENT & Audiology News, 1 July 2011)"This book is an outstanding comprehensive overview an summary of the key issues relating to patient safety, as one might hope and expect from one of the leading international experts and researchers in this field." (Casebook, 1 May 2011)

"I would recommend this book to all occupational health professionals working in health care, particularly those who sit on clinical risk, infection prevention control or health and safety committees." (Occupational Medicine, 4 June 2011)

"This book is highly recommended or anyone in health care with an interest in patient safety. Every practitioner will get something from it." (The Association For Perioperative Practice, 1 March 2011)

"This book is directed to those involved in health care and patient safety. It can be used in the classroom setting to illustrate human error and correction methods to provide a safer patient experience. In the institutional setting, this text would be a useful addition to the medical library, as well as personal libraries of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, or other health-care providers interested in patient safety."

(The Journal of Pharmacy Technology, 1 March 2011)"This book is essential reading for everyone in health care, but in particular it is a must read for those starting out, training to be the future doctors, nurses, managers and other health-care practitioners." (British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 1 January 2011)