Ethics for Psychotherapists and Counselors: A Proactive Approach

Ethics for Psychotherapists and Counselors: A Proactive Approach

Author(s): Sharon K. Anderson, Mitchell M. Handelsman

Print ISBN: 9781405177672

Online ISBN: 9781444324303

DOI: 10.1002/9781444324303


"So how can ethics educators overcome this defensive and rule-oriented culture? Sharon Anderson and Mitchell Handelsman offer an excellent solution for students in undergraduate or beginning master's level graduate programs...Perhaps the most striking thing about this book is the way that Anderson and Handelsman manage to make the process of ethical acculturation, even the very process of learning to understand and internalize mental health ethics, fun...The authors clearly understand the need to foster an active learning process that includes self-awareness, self-reflection, discovery, and application. Thus, this book goes far beyond the provision of didactic material-something all too rare in ethics texts. It is clear that Anderson and Handelsman are accomplished teachers in that their writing style is lighthearted, good-humored, engaging, and, most important, deeply empathic." (American Journal of Psychology, 1 March 2011)

"It is useful in stressing those aspects of immersion into the ethics affective side of one's professional development that is not always present in more didactic texts." (PsycCRITIQUES, May 2010)