Trade-Offs in Conservation: Deciding What to Save

Trade-Offs in Conservation: Deciding What to Save

Editor(s): Nigel Leader-Williams, William M. Adams, Robert J. Smith

Print ISBN: 9781405193832

Online ISBN: 9781444324907

DOI: 10.1002/9781444324907


"It will, however, find a ready market amongst top undergraduate and postgraduate students as it is a compendium of good summary facts, definitions and diagrams with some superlative introductory expositions. For the same reasons I suspect most lecturers in conservation biology will want a book on their shelves." (Biological Conservation Reviewers, 2011)

"The final chapter in this section on defining and measuring success in conservation is amust read wherever you are on the conservation spectrum . . . As a distillation of the complexities and dilemmas associated with conservation in practice it is enlightening and reassuring but, much more useful than this, its contributors bring a wealth of experience and thought to actually dealing with the problems. I suggest you buy it." (Cambridge Journals, 3 August 2011)