Schizophrenia, Third Edition

Schizophrenia, Third Edition

Editor(s): Daniel R. Weinberger, Paul J. Harrison

Print ISBN: 9781405176972

Online ISBN: 9781444327298

DOI: 10.1002/9781444327298


"I thoroughly recommend this book as a well-integrated collection of thoughtful and up-to-date expositions on every aspect of schizophrenia, by some of the best scientists in the field. " (Psychological Medicine, 2012)

"It will be of valuable to practising psychiatrists and to trainees, as well as to the clinical and neuroscience researchers interested in keeping up with this field or coming into it."  (Buchtipps,  September 2012)

"The contributing authors and editors constitute an international list of '"who's who" in contemporary schizophrenia research. Overall this book represents a highly systematic, comprehensive, scholarly, and critical appraisal of a core component of modern psychiatry and a major publice health challenge. It ably summarizes and evalutates efforts to better understand the nature, diagnosis, biology, psychology, sociology and clinical treatment of the group of largely "nonaffective" psychotic disorders currently considered within the nosological domain of schizophrenia. As such, it is an essential volume for students, researchers, clinicians, and administrators interested in improved understanding and care of persons diagnosed with psychotic disorders." (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 2012)