Nutrition and Metabolism, Second Edition

Nutrition and Metabolism, Second Edition

Editor(s): Susan A Lanham-New, Ian A Macdonald, Helen M Roche

Published Online: 16 MAR 2011 12:27PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781405168083

Online ISBN: 9781444327779

DOI: 10.1002/9781444327779

About this Book

In this second edition of the second title in the acclaimed Nutrition Society Textbook Series, Nutrition and Metabolism has been revised and updated to meet the needs of the contemporary student.

Groundbreaking in their scope and approach, the titles in the series:

  • Provide students with the required scientific basics of nutrition in the context of a systems and health approach
  • Enable teachers and students to explore the core principles of nutrition, to apply these throughout their training, and to foster critical thinking at all times. Throughout, key areas of knowledge are identified
  • Are fully peer reviewed, to ensure completeness and clarity of content, as well as to ensure that each book takes a global perspective

Nutrition and Metabolism is an essential purchase for students of nutrition and dietetics, and also for those students who major in other subjects that have a nutrition component, such as food science, medicine, pharmacy and nursing. Professionals in nutrition, dietetics, food science, medicine, health sciences and many related areas will also find much of great value within its covers.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      Core Concepts of Nutrition (pages 1–6)

      Professor Ian A Macdonald and Professor Michael J Gibney

    3. Chapter 2

      Molecular Aspects of Nutrition (pages 7–34)

      Associate Professor Helen M Roche, Assistant Professor Herman E Popeijus and Professor Ronald P Mensink

    4. Chapter 5

      Integration of Metabolism 3: Protein and Amino Acids (pages 72–101)

      Dr Margaret E Brosnan, Professor John T Brosnan and Dr Vernon R Young

    5. Chapter 6

      Pregnancy and Lactation (pages 102–118)

      Dr Joop Ma van Raaij and Dr Lisette CPGM de Groot

    6. Chapter 7

      Growth and Ageing (pages 119–154)

      Professor Mark L Wahlqvist and Dr Prasong Tienboon

    7. Chapter 8

      Nutrition and the Brain (pages 155–183)

      Professor John D Fernstrom and Dr Madelyn H Fernstrom

    8. Chapter 10

      The Gastrointestinal Tract (pages 205–246)

      Professor Mariano Mañas, Professor Emilio Martínez de Victoria, Professor Angel Gil, Dr María D Yago and Professor John C Mathers

    9. Chapter 11

      The Cardiovascular System (pages 247–271)

      Professor Gabriele Riccardi, Associate Professor Angela A Rivellese and Professor Christine M Williams

    10. Chapter 12

      The Skeletal System (pages 272–311)

      Professor John M Pettifor, Dr Ann Prentice, Dr Kate Ward and Professor Peter Cleaton-Jones

    11. Chapter 14

      Phytochemicals (pages 339–352)

      Professor Aedín Cassidy and Dr Colin D Kay

    12. Chapter 16

      Overnutrition (pages 360–377)

      Associate Professor Linda Bandini, Professor Albert Flynn and Renee Scampini

    13. Chapter 18

      Exercise Performance (pages 387–417)

      Professor Asker E Jeukendrup and Dr Louise M Burke

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