European Handbook of Neurological Management, Second Edition, Volume 1, Second Edition

European Handbook of Neurological Management, Second Edition, Volume 1, Second Edition

Author(s): Nils Erik Gilhus, Michael P. Barnes, Michael Brainin

Published Online: 6 SEP 2010 02:58AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781405185332

Online ISBN: 9781444328394

DOI: 10.1002/9781444328394

About this Book

Evidence-based, peer reviewed, best practice management guidelines for neurologists

Diagnosis is only part of the puzzle. Effective treatment is what your patients really want. The European Federation of Neurological Societies has been publishing management guidelines in the European Journal of Neurology for many years. Developed by a consensus approach, using graded evidence, and then fully peer reviewed, these guidelines provide gold-standard, best-practice guidance to the treatment of neurological disorders. They help bridge the gap between what is done and what should be done for patients with neurological disorders.

The basic guidelines have been expanded with 'Recommendations' based on strong evidence and 'Good Practice Points' where only weaker evidence is available. The Guidelines in this volume cover:


Major neurological diseases

Neuromuscular diseases


Neurological problems

Sleep disorders


The European Handbook of Neurological Management provides a thoroughly rounded and grounded approach to best-practice neurological management using evidence-based principles.

Table of contents

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  1. Section 1: Investigations

    1. Chapter 1

      Routine Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Analysis (pages 5–17)

      F. Deisenhammer, A. Bartos, R. Egg, N. E. Gilhus, G. Giovannoni, S. Rauer, F. Sellebjerg and H. Tumani

    2. Chapter 2

      Use of Imaging in Cerebrovascular Disease (pages 19–34)

      P. Irimia, S. Asenbaum, M. Brainin, H. Chabriat, E. Martínez-Vila, K. Niederkorn, P. D. Schellinger, R. J. Seitz and J. C. Masdeu

    3. Chapter 3

      Use of Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis (pages 35–51)

      M. Filippi, M. A. Rocca, D. L. Arnold, R. Bakshi, F. Barkhof, N. De Stefano, F. Fazekas, E. Frohman, D. H. Miller and J. S. Wolinsky

    4. Chapter 4

      Neurophysiological Tests and Neuroimaging Procedures in Non-Acute Headache (pages 53–62)

      G. Sandrini, L. Friberg, G. Coppola, W. Jänig, R. Jensen, M. Kruit, P. Rossi, D. Russell, M. Sanchez del Rìo, T. Sand and J. Schoenen

    5. Chapter 5

      Use of Anti-Interferon Beta Antibody Measurements in Multiple Sclerosis (pages 63–74)

      P. Soelberg Sørensen, F. Deisenhammer, P. Duda, R. Hohlfeld, K.-M. Myhr, J. Palace, C. Polman, C. Pozzilli and C. Ross

    6. Chapter 6

      Use of Antibody Testing in Nervous System Disorders (pages 75–80)

      H. J. Willison, N. E. Gilhus, F. Graus, B. C. Jacobs, R. Liblau, C. Vedeler and A. Vincent

    7. Chapter 7

      Use of Skin Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Small Fibre Neuropathy (pages 81–90)

      G. Lauria, S. T. Hsieh, O. Johansson, W. R. Kennedy, J. M. Leger, S. I. Mellgren, M. Nolano, I. S. J. Merkies, M. Polydefkis, A. G. Smith, C. Sommer and J. Valls-Solé

    8. Chapter 8

      Assessment of Neuropathic Pain (pages 91–100)

      G. Cruccu, C. Sommer, P. Anand, N. Attal, R. Baron, L. Garcia-Larrea, M. Haanpää, T. S. Jensen, J. Serra and R.-D. Treede

  2. Section 2: Major Neurological Diseases

    1. Chapter 9

      Ischaemic Stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack (pages 101–158)

      P. A. Ringleb, M.-G. Bousser, G. Ford, P. Bath, M. Brainin, V. Caso, Á. Cervera, A.l Chamorro, Charlotte Cordonnier, L. Csiba, A. Davalos, H.-C. Diener, J. Ferro, W. Hacke, M. Hennerici, M. Kaste, P. Langhorne, K. Lees, D. Leys, J. Lodder, H. S. Markus, J.-L. Mas, H. P. Mattle, K. Muir, B. Norrving, V. Obach, S. Paolucci, E. B. Ringelstein, P. D. Schellinger, J. Sivenius, V. Skvortsova, K. Stibrant Sunnerhagen, L. Thomassen, D. Toni, R.r von Kummer, N. Gunnar Wahlgren, M. F. Walker and J. Wardlaw

    2. Chapter 10

      Drug Treatment of Migraine (pages 159–177)

      S. Evers, J. Áfra, A. Frese, P. J. Goadsby, M. Linde, A. May and P. S. S´ndor

    3. Chapter 11

      Cluster Headache and Other Trigemino-Autonomic Cephalgias (pages 179–190)

      S. Evers, J. Áfra, A. Frese, P. J. Goadsby, M. Linde, A. May and P. S. Sándor

    4. Chapter 12

      Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary (Idiopathic) Dystonia (pages 191–206)

      A. Albanese, F. Asmus, A. Berardelli, K. Bhatia, A. E. Elia, B. Elibol, G. Filippini, T. Gasser, J. K. Krauss, N. Nardocci, A. Newton, J. Valls-Solé and M. Vidailhet

    5. Chapter 13

      Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (pages 207–215)

      P. E. Vos, Y. Alekseenko, L. Battistin, E. Ehler, F. Gerstenbrand, D. F. Muresanu, A. Potapov, Ch. A. Stepan, P. Traubner, L. Vecsei and K. von Wild

    6. Chapter 14

      Early (Uncomplicated) Parkinson's Disease (pages 217–236)

      W. H. Oertel, A. Berardelli, B. R. Bloem, U. Bonuccelli, D. Burn, G. Deuschl, E. Dietrichs, G. Fabbrini, J. J. Ferreira, A. Friedman, P. Kanovsky, V. Kostic, A. Nieuwboer, P. Odin, W. Poewe, O. Rascol, C. Sampaio, M. Schüpbach, E. Tolosa and C. Trenkwalder

    7. Chapter 15

      Late (Complicated) Parkinson's Disease (pages 237–267)

      W. H. Oertel, A. Berardelli, B. R. Bloem, U. Bonuccelli, D. Burn, G. Deuschl, E. Dietrichs, G. Fabbrini, J. J. Ferreira, A. Friedman, P. Kanovsky, V. Kostic, A. Nieuwboer, P. Odin, W. Poewe, O. Rascol, C. Sampaio, M. Schüpbach, E. Tolosa and C. Trenkwalder

    8. Chapter 16

      Alzheimer's Disease (pages 269–282)

      J. Hort, J. T. O'Brien, G. Gainotti, T. Pirttila, B. O. Popescu, I. Rektorova, S. Sorbi and P. Scheltens

  3. Section 3: Neuromuscular Diseases

    1. Chapter 17

      Management of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (pages 283–310)

      P. M. Andersen (chairman), S. Abrahams, G. D. Borasio, M. de Carvalho, A. Chio, P. Van Damme, O. Hardiman, K. Kollewe, K. E. Morrison, S. Petri, P. -F. Pradat, V. Silani, B. Tomik, M. Wasner and M. Weber

    2. Chapter 18

      Post-Polio Syndrome (pages 311–319)

      E. Farbu, N. E. Gilhus, M. P. Barnes, K. Borg, M. de Visser, R. Howard, F. Nollet, J. Opara and E. Stalberg

    3. Chapter 19

      Autoimmune Neuromuscular Transmission Disorders (pages 321–331)

      G. O. Skeie, S. Apostolski, A. Evoli, N. E. Gilhus, I. Illa, L. Harms, D. Hilton-Jones, A. Melms, J. Verschuuren and H. Westgaard Horge

    4. Chapter 20

      Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy (pages 333–341)

      P. Y. K. Van den Bergh, R. D. M. Hadden, Pierre Bouche, D. R. Cornblath, A. Hahn, I. Illa, C. L. Koski, J.-M. Léger, E. Nobile - Orazio, J. Pollard, C. Sommer, P. A. van Doorn and I. N. van Schaik

    5. Chapter 21

      Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (pages 343–350)

      I. N. van Schaik, J.- M. Léger, E. Nobile - Orazio, D. R. Cornblath, R. D. M. Hadden, C. L. Koski, J. Pollard, C. Sommer, I. Illa, P. Van den Bergh and P. A. van Doorn

    6. Chapter 22

      Paraproteinaemic Demyelinating Neuropathies (pages 351–361)

      R. D. M. Hadden, E. Nobile - Orazio, C. Sommer, A. F. Hahn, I. Illa, E. Morra, J. Pollard, M. P. T. Lunn, P. Bouche, D. R. Cornblath, E. Evers, C. L. Koski, J. - M. Léger, P. Van den Bergh, P. van Doorn and I. N. van Schaik

    7. Chapter 23

      Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies (pages 363–371)

      F. Norwood, M. de Visser, B. Eymard, H. Lochmüller and K. Bushby

  4. Section 4: Infections

    1. Chapter 24

      Neurological Complications of HIV Infection (pages 373–381)

      P. Portegies, P. Cinque, A. Chaudhuri, J. Begovac, I. Everall, T. Weber, M. Bojar, P. Martinez - Martin and P. G. E. Kennedy

    2. Chapter 25

      Viral Meningo-Encephalitis (pages 383–397)

      I. Steiner, H. Budka, A. Chaudhuri, M. Koskiniemi, K. Sainio, O. Salonen and P. G. E. Kennedy

  5. Section 5: Neurological Problems

    1. Chapter 26

      Treatment of Neuropathic Pain (pages 399–410)

      N. Attal, G. Cruccu, R. Baron, M. Haanpää, P. Hansson, T. S. Jensen and T. Nurmikko

    2. Chapter 27

      Acute Relapses of Multiple Sclerosis (pages 411–419)

      F. Sellebjerg, D. Barnes, G. Filippini, R. Midgard, X. Montalban, P. Rieckmann, K. Selmaj, L. H. Visser and P. Soelberg Sørensen

    3. Chapter 28

      Status Epilepticus (pages 421–428)

      H. Meierkord, P. Boon, B. Engelsen, K. Göcke, S. Shorvon, P. Tinuper and M. Holtkamp

    4. Chapter 29

      Alcohol-Related Seizures (pages 429–436)

      G. Bråthen, E. Ben - Menachem, E. Brodtkorb, R. Galvin, J. C. Garcia - Monco, P. Halasz, M. Hillbom, M. A. Leone and A. B. Young

    5. Chapter 30

      Brain Metastases (pages 437–445)

      R. Soffietti, P. Cornu, J. Y. Delattre, R. Grant, F. Graus, W. Grisold, J. Heimans, J. Hildebrand, P. Hoskin, M. Kalljo, P. Krauseneck, C. Marosi, T. Siegal and C. Vecht

    6. Chapter 31

      Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes (pages 447–457)

      C. A. Vedeler, J. C. Antoine, B. Giometto, F. Graus, W. Grisold, J. Honnorat, P. A. E. Sillevis Smitt, J. J. G. M. Verschuuren and R. Voltz

    7. Chapter 33

      Orthostatic Hypotension (pages 469–475)

      H. Lahrmann, P. Cortelli, M. Hilz, C. J. Mathias, W. Struhal and M. Tassinari

    8. Chapter 34

      Cerebral Venous and Sinus Thrombosis (pages 477–484)

      K. Einhäupl, J. Stam, M.-G. Bousser, S. F. T. M. de Bruijn, J. M. Ferro, I. Martinelli and F. Masuhr

    9. Chapter 35

      Cerebral Vasculitis (pages 485–489)

      N. J. Scolding, H. Wilson, R. Hohlfeld, C. Polman, M. I. Leite and N. E. Gilhus

    10. Chapter 36

      Neurological Problems in Liver Transplantation (pages 491–499)

      M. Guarino, J. Benito-León, E. Schmutzhard, K. Weissenborn, J. Decruyenaere and A. Stracciari

    11. Chapter 37

      Fatty Acid Mitochondrial Disorders (pages 501–511)

      C. Angelini, A. Federico, H. Reichmann, A. Lombes, C. Verney Saban, P. Chinnery and J. Vissing

  6. Section 6: Sleep Disorders

    1. Chapter 38

      Management of Narcolepsy in Adults (pages 513–528)

      M. Billiard, Y. Dauvilliers, L. Dolenc-Grošelj, G.J. Lammers, G. Mayer and K. Sonka

    2. Chapter 39

      Sleep Disorders in Neurodegenerative Disorders and Stroke (pages 529–543)

      P. Jennum, J. Santamaria Cano, C. Bassetti, P. Clarenbach, B. Högl, J. Mathis, R. Poirrier, K. Sonka, E. Svanborg, L. Dolenc Groselj, D. Kaynak, M. Kruger, A. Papavasiliou and Z. Zahariev

  7. Section 7: Rehabilitation

    1. Chapter 40

      Cognitive Rehabilitation (pages 545–567)

      S.F. Cappa, T. Benke, S. Clarke, B. Rossi, B. Stemmer and C.M. van Heugten

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