Fifty Years of Invasion Ecology: The Legacy of Charles Elton

Fifty Years of Invasion Ecology: The Legacy of Charles Elton

Editor(s): David M. Richardson

Print ISBN: 9781444335859

Online ISBN: 9781444329988

DOI: 10.1002/9781444329988


"This is a delightful book that provides both an essential foundation for those new to invasion biology and with enough advanced material to satisfy those already working in the field. My congratulations to the editors and authors for producing such a valuable work."  (Biol Invasions, 1 March 2013)

"I recommend this book to students, managers and scientists who have an interest in invasion ecology.  The ideas presented will prompt the reader into thinking of new ways to approach invasion ecology research."  (Landscape Ecology, 20 November 2011) 

"This is an important book for ecology in general -I'll be using it in my undergraduate teaching and recommending it as key source material to my postgraduate students working on alien invasions."  (Austral Ecology, 1 November  2012)

"While this book is clearly aimed at postgraduate students and researchers working within the broad field of invasion ecology, it will also appeal to those with an interest in the history of biology and specifically in how ecological theory has been developed over time and applied to real-world problems. . . This book is essential reading for all students and researchers interested in the field of invasion ecology but also for those interested in ecological theory and how it has been applied and tested over the last 50 years."  (Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 12 December 2012)

"This volume will provide an interesting benchmark for us to revisit then.  It is exciting to imagine what a volume like this will highlight 50 years from now."  (Ecology, 1 February 2012)

"A must read for biologists interested in nonindigenous species.  Summing Up: Highly recommended.  Upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, researchers/faculty, and land managers."  (Choice, 1 April 2012)

"The volume is a must-read for invasion biologists and would serve well in a graduate seminar on invasion biology if paired with EIAP (The Ecology of Invasions by Animals and Plants by Charles Elton.)  Indeed, the two books now sit side-by-side on my bookshelf." Saara J. DeWalt (Frontiers of Biogeography, 3 February 2011)

"In conclusion, we found this to be an inspiring volume on invasion ecology, which should be consulted by everybody interested in the history and recent developments of this discipline. There are already many useful books on biological invasions, but this one singles out by being a series of stimulating reviews and essays. It is original in combining complementary aspects and pointing out new research directions." (Basic and Applied Ecology, 2011)