Clinical Dilemmas in Diabetes

Clinical Dilemmas in Diabetes

Editor(s): Adrian Vella, Robert A. Rizza

Published Online: 31 MAR 2011 03:51AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781405169288

Online ISBN: 9781444340280

DOI: 10.1002/9781444340280

About this Book

Clinical Dilemmas in Diabetes provides evidence-based clinical guidance on the most common and problematic areas of concern encountered in diagnosing, treating and managing patients with diabetes. Each chapter is highly topical and has been selected due to current interest, specific recent developments, and areas of controversy.

This valuable guide provides assistance in managing the life-long treatment of diabetes and the complications that often develop in patients. Clinical Dilemmas in Diabetes guides the medical team in their decision-making, particularly when there are conflicts in the treatment for the disease and the complications.

Part of the Clinical Dilemmas series, the well-focused chapter structure allows for quick retrieval of information, and each opens with a "Learning Points" box to aid easy assimilation of the main issues. With a leading team of contributors and editors, Professor Robert A. Rizza is the immediate Past-President of the American Diabetes Association.

This book is perfect for use on the wards and clinics as well as for self-study by diabetologists, diabetes specialist nurses, endocrinologists, GPs and cardiologists.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Prediabetes and the Diagnosis of Diabetes

  2. Part II: Initial Evaluation and Management of Diabetes

  3. Part III: Management of Associated Risk Factors and Disease

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