Evidence-Based Orthopedics

Evidence-Based Orthopedics

Editor(s): Mohit Bhandari

Published Online: 31 OCT 2011 09:33AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781405184762

Online ISBN: 9781444345100

DOI: 10.1002/9781444345100

About this Book

Surgical orthopedic procedures such as hip replacements, arthroscopy or knee replacements are surrounded by pre- and post-operative complications, and there are varying different methods for the procedures themselves. This book, for the first time, brings together the best evidence for treatments as well as any complications. Not only does it cover the evidence base for orthopedic surgery, but also orthopedic conditions requiring medical treatment, and pediatric orthopedics. Using the approved EBM methodology, and edited by teachers of evidence-based medicine, this is a genuine EBM textbook for all orthopedic specialists and trainees.

Table of contents

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  1. Section I: Methodology of Evidence-Based Orthopedics

    1. Chapter 4

      Understanding Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis (pages 17–24)

      Helena Viveiros, Sarah Resendes, Tania A. Ferguson, Mohit Bhandari and Joel Matta

    2. Chapter 5

      Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (pages 25–29)

      Nasir Hussain, Farrah Hussain, Mohit Bhandari and Saam Morshed

    3. Chapter 6

      Economic Analysis (pages 30–34)

      Laura Quigley, Sheila Sprague and Theodore Miclau

  2. Section II: Orthopedic Medicine

    1. Chapter 10

      Wound Infections (pages 78–85)

      Wesley G. Lackey, Kyle J. Jeray, Atul F. Kamath, John G. Horneff and John L. Esterhai

    2. Chapter 12

      Perioperative Medical Management (pages 93–99)

      Daniel A. Mendelson, Susan M. Friedman and Joseph A. Nicholas

  3. Section III: Joint Reconstruction - Hip and Pelvic Reconstruction/Arthroplasty

  4. Section III: Joint Reconstruction - Hip Revision Surgery

  5. Section III: Joint Reconstruction - Knee Reconstruction/Arthroplasty

  6. Section III: Joint Reconstruction - Knee Revision Surgery

  7. Section III: Joint Reconstruction - Shoulder Reconstruction/Arthroplasty

  8. Section III: Joint Reconstruction - Foot and Ankle Reconstruction/Arthroplasty

  9. Section IV: Trauma - Upper Extremity

    1. Chapter 44

      Fracture-Dislocations of the Elbow (pages 383–396)

      Reyhan A. Chaudhary, Maurice Tompack and J. Whitcomb Pollock

    2. Chapter 50

      Perilunate Dislocations (pages 437–442)

      Geert A. Buijze, Job N. Doornberg and David Ring

    3. Chapter 51

      Carpal Fractures (pages 443–461)

      Bertrand H. Perey, Anne-Marie Bedard and Fay Leung

  10. Section IV: Trauma - Lower Extremity

    1. Chapter 53

      Hip Dislocations (pages 468–473)

      Gregory J. Della Rocca, Brett D. Crist and Yvonne M. Murtha

    2. Chapter 55

      Intracapsular Fractures (pages 480–490)

      Jennifer A. Klok, Marc Swiontkowski and Mohit Bhandari

    3. Chapter 59

      Distal Femur Fractures (pages 522–526)

      Matthijs R. Krijnen, J. Carel Goslings and Rudolf W. Poolman

  11. Section IV: Trauma - Pelvis and Acetabulum

    1. Chapter 68

      Pelvis (pages 593–601)

      G. Yves Laflamme, Stephane Leduc and Dominique M. Rouleau

  12. Section IV: Trauma - General

    1. Chapter 70

      Open Fractures (pages 617–626)

      Atul F. Kamath, John G. Horneff, John L. Esterhai, Wesley G. Lackey, Kyle J. Jeray and J. Scott Broderick

    2. Chapter 73

      Calcium Phosphate Cements in Fracture Repair (pages 642–648)

      Ross K. Leighton, Kelly Trask, Thomas A. Russell, Mohit Bhandari and Richard E. Buckley

  13. Section V: Adult Spine - Cervical Spine

  14. Section V: Adult Spine - Mechanical Low Back Pain without Neuropathy

    1. Chapter 79

      Mechanical Low Back Pain: Nonoperative Management (pages 678–685)

      Andrea D. Furlan, Victoria Pennick, Jill A. Hayden and Carlo Ammendolia

  15. Section V: Adult Spine - Low Back Pain with Neuropathy

  16. Section VI: Sports Medicine - Shoulder

  17. Section VI: Sports Medicine - Elbow

    1. Chapter 92

      Tennis Elbow (pages 787–795)

      Peter A. A. Struijs, Rachelle Buchbinder and Sally E. Green

  18. Section VI: Sports Medicine - Knee

    1. Chapter 95

      Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (pages 812–821)

      Verena M. Schreiber, Kenneth D. Illingworth, Hector A. Mejia and Freddie H. Fu

    2. Chapter 99

      Cartilage Injury (pages 847–852)

      Joris E. J. Bekkers, Anika I. Tsuchida and Daniël B. F. Saris

  19. Section VI: Sports Medicine - Foot and Ankle

    1. Chapter 101

      Ankle Ligament Injury (pages 862–871)

      Michel P. J. van den Bekerom, Rover Krips and Gino M. M. J. Kerkhoffs

    2. Chapter 102

      Achilles Tendinopathy (pages 872–878)

      Nicola Maffulli, Umile Giuseppe Longo, Stefano Campi and Vincenzo Denaro

  20. Section VI: Sports Medicine - Hip

    1. Chapter 103

      Labral Tears (pages 879–891)

      Sanaz Hariri, Henk Eijer and Marc R. Safran

  21. Section VI: Sports Medicine - Other Injuries

  22. Section VII: Wrist and Hand Surgery - Wrist Surgery

    1. Chapter 114

      Wrist Arthroscopy (pages 969–978)

      Aaron M. Freilich, Bryan S. Dudoussat, Fiesky A. Nunez, Thomas Sarlikiotis and Ethan R. Wiesler

  23. Section VII: Wrist and Hand Surgery - Hand Surgery

    1. Chapter 120

      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome—Surgical Management (pages 1021–1028)

      Jessica Collins, Jean-Sébastien Roy, Leslie L. McKnight and Achilleas Thoma

    2. Chapter 121

      Dupuytren's Disease (pages 1029–1038)

      Larisa Kristine Vartija, Leslie L. McKnight and Achilleas Thoma

    3. Chapter 125

      Replantation (pages 1072–1079)

      Stephanie Ma, Leslie L. McKnight and Achilleas Thoma

  24. Section VIII: Orthopedic Oncology

    1. Chapter 126

      Radiation in Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Pre- or Postoperative (pages 1081–1087)

      Kurt R. Weiss, Rej Bhumbra, Peter C. Ferguson, Brian O'Sullivan and Jay S. Wunder

    2. Chapter 127

      Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Does the Evidence Support the Administration of Chemotherapy? (pages 1088–1096)

      Jennifer L. Halpern, Jill Gilbert, Ginger E. Holt, Vicki L. Keedy and Herbert S. Schwartz

    3. Chapter 128

      Surgery in Bone Sarcoma: Allograft vs. Megaprosthesis (pages 1097–1107)

      Kelly C. Homlar, Jennifer L. Halpern, Herbert S. Schwartz and Ginger E. Holt

    4. Chapter 129

      Biopsy of Soft Tissue Masses (pages 1108–1111)

      Bruce T. Rougraff, Albert J. Aboulafia, J. Sybil Biermann and John Healey

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