Harper's Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology, Volume 1, 2, Third Edition

Harper's Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology, Volume 1, 2, Third Edition

Editor(s): Alan D. Irvine, Peter H. Hoeger, Albert C. Yan

Published Online: 24 MAY 2011 08:33AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781405176958

Online ISBN: 9781444345384

DOI: 10.1002/9781444345384

About this Book

The third edition of this highly regarded text continues to provide a comprehensive resource for pediatric dermatologists. The book offers evidence-based diagnosis and treatment recommendations and covers both common and rare conditions, including emerging conditions and research, especially at the genetic level. A refreshing new text design makes the book more accessible, and new editors and contributors bring a distinctly international perspective to the work.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: The Development of Paediatric Dermatology as a Medical Sub-speciality

  2. Part 2: The Newborn

    1. Chapter 9

      Acquired Neonatal Infections (pages 9.1–9.7)

      Nico G. Hartwig, Arnold P. Oranje, Dirk Van Gysel and Marinus C. G. van Praag

  3. Part 3: Napkin Dermatitis

  4. Part 4: Atopic Dermatitis

  5. Part 5: Other Types of Dermatitis

  6. Part 6: Infections

    1. Chapter 54

      Pyodermas and Toxin-Mediated Syndromes (pages 54.1–54.11)

      Christian R. Millett, Warren R. Heymann and Steven M. Manders

    2. Chapter 63

      Deep Mycoses and Opportunistic Infections (pages 63.1–63.28)

      Adrián-Martín Pierini, María Marta Bujan and Agustina Lanoël

  7. Part 7: Nutritional Disorders

  8. Part 8: Tropical Dermatoses

    1. Chapter 67

      Leishmaniasis (pages 67.1–67.14)

      Evelyne Halpert, Gerzain Rodriguez and Carlos Arturo Hernández

  9. Part 9: Stings and Infestations

  10. Part 10: Urticaria and the Erythemas

    1. Chapter 74

      Urticaria (pages 74.1–74.13)

      Christine Léauté-Labrèze, Franck Boralevi and Alain Taïeb

    2. Chapter 75

      Mastocytosis (pages 75.1–75.15)

      Dirk Van Gysel, Ron H. N. van Schaik and Arnold P. Oranje

  11. Part 11: Acne

  12. Part 12: Psoriasis and Other Papulosquamous Disorders

    1. Chapter 80

      Psoriasis (pages 80.1–80.7)

      Flora B. de Waard-van der Spek and Arnold P. Oranje

    2. Chapter 81

      Psoriasis: Pathogenesis (pages 81.1–81.2)

      Flora B. de Waard-van der Spek and Arnold P. Oranje

    3. Chapter 82

      Psoriasis: Treatments (pages 82.1–82.7)

      Flora B. de Waard-van der Spek, Lisette W. A. van Suijlekom-Smit and Arnold P. Oranje

  13. Part 13: Blistering Disorders

  14. Part 14: Skin Nodules

    1. Chapter 97

      Fibromatoses, Hyalinoses and Stiff Skin Syndrome (pages 97.1–97.21)

      Grazia Mancini, Arnold P. Oranje, Jan C. den Hollander and Moise L. Levy

    2. Chapter 99

      Skin Malignancies (pages 99.1–99.28)

      Adrián-Martín Pierini, Andrea Bettina Cervini and Marcela Bocian

  15. Part 15: Lymphocytic Disorders and Histiocytosis

  16. Part 16: Disorders of Pigmentation

    1. Chapter 105

      Vitiligo (pages 105.1–105.9)

      Juliette Mazereeuw-Hautier and Alain Taïeb

  17. Part 17: Photodermatoses and Photoprotection

  18. Part 18: Melanocytic Naevi and Melanoma

  19. Part 19: Epidermal Naevi and Associated Syndromes

    1. Chapter 111

      Proteus Syndrome (pages 111.1–111.10)

      John Harper, Kathrin Giehl and Raoul Hennekam

  20. Part 20: Vascular and Lymphatic Anomalies

    1. Chapter 112

      Vascular Malformations (pages 112.1–112.24)

      Laurence M. Boon, Odile Enjolras, John B. Mulliken and Miikka Vikkula

  21. Part 21: Genetic Disorders

    1. Chapter 133

      Focal Dermal Hypoplasia (pages 133.1–133.9)

      Amarilis Sanchez-Valle, V. Reid Sutton and Ignatia B. Van den Veyver

  22. Part 22: Disorders of Fat Tissue

  23. Part 23: Disorders of Connective Tissue

    1. Chapter 142

      Ehlers–Danlos Syndromes (pages 142.1–142.15)

      Nigel P. Burrows, Navjeet Sidhu-Malik and Heather N. Yeowell

    2. Chapter 146

      Striae (pages 146.1–146.6)

      Manjunatha Kalavala and Magdalene Dohil

  24. Part 24: The Oral Cavity

  25. Part 25: Hair and Nails

  26. Part 26: Genitourinary Problems in Children

  27. Part 27: Physical and Sexual Abuse in Children

  28. Part 28: Systemic Diseases

    1. Chapter 158

      Sarcoidosis (pages 158.1–158.11)

      Julie L. Cantatore-Francis and Julie V. Schaffer

    2. Chapter 163

      Urticarial Vasculitis (pages 163.1–163.7)

      Heather A. Brandling-Bennett and Marilyn G. Liang

    3. Chapter 168

      Kawasaki Disease (pages 168.1–168.12)

      Wynnis L. Tom, Tomisaku Kawasaki and Jane C. Burns

  29. Part 29: Psychological Aspects of Skin Disease in Children

  30. Part 30: Therapeutics and Poisoning

    1. Chapter 181

      Principles of Paediatric Dermatological Therapy (pages 181.1–181.20)

      Dennis P. West, Candrice Heath, Ann Cameron Haley, Anne Mahoney and Giuseppe Micali

    2. Chapter 184

      Poisoning and Paediatric Skin (pages 184.1–184.16)

      Giuseppe Micali, Stephanie A. St Pierre, Erika E. Reid and Dennis P. West

  31. Part 31: Dermoscopy in Pediatric Skin

  32. Part 32: Surgical and Laser Therapies

  33. Part 33: Nursing Care of Paediatric Skin

    1. Chapter 192

      Nursing Care of Paediatric Skin (pages 192.1–192.19)

      Jane White, Jane Linward, Jacqueline Denyer and Bisola Laguda

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