Focal Therapy in Prostate Cancer

Focal Therapy in Prostate Cancer

Editor(s): Hashim U Ahmed, Manit Arya, Peter Carroll, Mark Emberton

Published Online: 10 NOV 2011

Print ISBN: 9781405196499

Online ISBN: 9781444346893

DOI: 10.1002/9781444346893

About this Book

This book comprehensively reviews the potential of focal therapy and discusses why the changing face of prostate cancer warrants a change in the way we treat men with the disease. It deals with the mechanisms by which disease can be localized within the gland and then the different technologies used for focal ablation. Bringing together eminent contributors in one accessible reference, this book introduces focal therapy to all urologists, oncologists, and radiologists who are involved in the treatment of men with prostate cancer.

Table of contents

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  1. Section I: Is there a Role for Focal Therapy in Localised Prostate Cancer?

  2. Section II: How can we Accurately locate Cancer within the Gland?

    1. Chapter 7

      Localization of Cancer within the Prostate: Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI (pages 55–65)

      Philippe Puech, Anwar Padhani, Laurent Lemaitre, Nacim Betrouni, Pierre Colin and Arnauld Villers

  3. Section III: How can we Create Discrete Tissue Necrosis?

  4. Section IV: How can we Determine the Success of Focal Therapy?

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