Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins: Recent Advances

Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins: Recent Advances

Editor(s): Cathy Busby, Antonio Azor

Print ISBN: 9781405194655

Online ISBN: 9781444347166

DOI: 10.1002/9781444347166

Author Biography

About the Author

Cathy Busby got her BS from Berkeley and her PhD from Princeton University, both in Geological Sciences. She mainly works on upper crustal rocks, combining stratigraphy, structural geology, geochronology, geochemistry and paleomagnetics to solve tectonic problems. Her papers also include process-oriented studies in submarine and subaaerial volcanism, clastic depositional systems, and economic geology. Her research support has come from geothermal and gold exploration industries, as well as the petroleum industry, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the National Science Foundation.

Antonio Azor: Full Professor in Structural Geology and Tectonic Geomorphology at the Department of Geodynamics of the University of Granada (Spain). Research fields of interest: Structural Geology and Tectonics, Active Tectonics, Tectonic Geomorphology, Regional Geology of the Late Palaeozoic Variscan Orogen and the Alpine Betic Cordillera.