The Homer Encyclopedia

Online ISBN: 9781444350302

DOI: 10.1002/9781444350302

Editor(s): Margalit Finkelberg, Tel Aviv University

About this Book

The Homer Encyclopedia represents the first comprehensive reference to assemble definitive scholarship on the world and artistry of Homer, the historical and cultural background of the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homeric scholarship, and Homeric reception from antiquity to the present into one collection.

  • Represents the first encyclopedia on Homer ever published
  • Features contributions from 130 recent and established Homeric scholars
  • Covers Homeric scholarship and reception from antiquity to the present
  • 1360 entries supplying information on every aspect of the Homeric poems

Also in print

The Homer Encyclopedia

The Homer Encyclopedia is also available as a three-volume collection in print. Click here for further information on how to order.


"What we have [here] is a brilliant achievement: three volumes, which anyone—either the layman or the Homeric scholar—will use to his great enjoyment and benefit, since it is detailed, reader-friendly and always informed with the ‘last word’ on numerous aspects of Homer’s work and world." (Bryn Mawr Classical Review, March 2012)

"The coverage is thorough, and the articles are accessible to the general reader while maintaining a scholarly sophistication that makes them useful for the specialist. A handy and valuable resource for any serious student of Homer." (Library Journal, July 15, 2011)

“Encyclopedias of Virgil and Horace appeared long ago, but this, surprisingly, is the first dedicated to Homer. The product of an international team of 132 scholars, it offers about 1,300 signed entries, of which some 900 are devoted to people or places. Many entries are short, while others (e.g., “Achilles,” “Afterlife”) are brief essays from which any student might profit…This is an excellent, thorough work…Summing Up: Recommended.” (Choice, 1 August 2011)