The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

Online ISBN: 9781444351071

DOI: 10.1002/9781444351071

About this Book

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration provides a complete exploration of the prominent themes, events, and theoretical underpinnings of the movements of human populations from prehistory to the present day. It includes thematic interpretations and theories of migration, as well as the significant contemporary scientific discoveries and scholarly interpretations that have reshaped the way historians and social scientists analyze and map the past.

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Encyclopedia of Global Human MigrationThe Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration is also available as a five-volume print set, which will publish in February 2013. This state-of-the-art resource features over 600 entries from a multi-disciplinary group of scholars in the field.

TVisit for further information and to order. Print ISBN: 978-1-4443-3489-0

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