The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

Online ISBN: 9781444351071

DOI: 10.1002/9781444351071

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  1. Africa
    1. Africa, commerce and pre-colonial migration
    2. Africa, Fulbe migrations
    3. Africa, gender and migration
    4. Africa, health and migration
    5. Africa, immigrant legislation and laws
    6. Africa, internal migration
    7. Africa, medieval era migrations: an overview
    8. Africa, south of the Sahara, intra- and intercontinental population movements
    9. African diasporas, theories, representations and definitions
    10. African emigration to United Kingdom
    11. African Maghreb, migration to the European Union, 1980–present
    12. African slave trade and maritime transportation
    13. Anticolonialism, decolonialism, neocolonialism
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      Atlantic historical migrations, 1500–1965
    15. Berbers and Arabs in the Maghreb and Europe, medieval era
    16. Cameroon, migration 1960s to present
    17. Caribbean African diaspora, 19th–20th century
    18. Caribbean: Dutch migration, early 20th century to present
    19. Caribbean: French-speaking migration and settlement
    20. Congo (DRC), migration, 1960 to present
    21. Development partnership, diaspora and subnational development institutions
    22. 5 Early Old World migrations of Homo sapiens: archaeology
    23. East Africa: migration 1960s to present
    24. East Africa: slave migrations
    25. ECOWAS and migration
    26. Film and migration, Africa
    27. 4 Early Old World migrations of Homo sapiens: human biology
    28. 14 Sub-Saharan Africa: human genetics
    29. Ghana, migrations from colonial to modern times
    30. HIV/AIDS, migration, and gender in sub-Saharan Africa
    31. Horn of Africa, migration late 19th century to present
    32. India, migration to British Africa
    33. Indian Ocean indentured labor, 19th and early 20th century
    34. Indian Ocean transoceanic migration, 16th–19th century
    35. 15 Levant and North Africa: Afroasiatic linguistic history
    36. Madagascar and Africa, Austronesian migration
    37. Migration and development, global South/Mexico-Morocco
    38. Nigeria, migrations early 20th century to present
    39. Phoenician and Carthaginian migrations
    40. Portuguese slave trade in the Americas
    41. Second-generation migrants: Maghrebis in France
    42. Shipboard insurrections
    43. 16 Levant and North Africa: archaeology
    44. Southern Africa, migration, 7th century to present
    45. Southern Africa: gender and migration
    46. Southern Africa: internal migration
    47. 13 Sub-Saharan Africa: archaeology
    48. 12 Sub-Saharan Africa: linguistics
    49. The Caribbean and Circum-Caribbean migration, 16th century to the present
    50. 3 Hominin migrations before Homo sapiens: Out of Africa – how many times?
    51. 2 The earliest stages of hominin dispersal in Africa and Eurasia
    52. United States: African colonization, Manifest Destiny, and Indian Removal
  2. Agriculture
  3. Asia
  4. Borderlands
  5. Business and Capitalism
  6. Children and Families
  7. Colonialism and settlement
  8. Culture, Arts and Film
  9. Development and Remittances
  10. Eastern and Central Europe
  11. Environment, climate, and biodiversity
  12. Gender and Sexuality
  13. Genocide
  14. Global Justice and Globalization
  15. Health and Public Health
  16. Human Rights and Refugees
  17. Immigration Laws, Controls, and Restrictions
  18. Indigenous people
  19. Labor and Political Economy
  20. Latin America and the Caribbean
  21. Maps
  22. Middle East
  23. Migration, 18th Century
  24. Migration, 1945-Present
  25. Migration, 19th Century
  26. Migration, 20th Century
  27. Migration, ancient era
  28. Migration, Holocene
  29. Migration, Medieval Era
  30. Migration, Pleistocene
  31. North America
  32. Oceania
  33. Poverty and inequality
  34. Race, Ethnicity, and Religion
  35. Slavery and Indentured Servitude
  36. Social Sciences and Migration Theories
  37. Transnationalism
  38. Transportation
  39. War
  40. Western Europe and Nordic Countries
  41. Women