The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

Online ISBN: 9781444351071

DOI: 10.1002/9781444351071

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  1. Africa
  2. Agriculture
  3. Asia
  4. Borderlands
  5. Business and Capitalism
  6. Children and Families
  7. Colonialism and settlement
  8. Culture, Arts and Film
  9. Development and Remittances
  10. Eastern and Central Europe
  11. Environment, climate, and biodiversity
  12. Gender and Sexuality
  13. Genocide
  14. Global Justice and Globalization
  15. Health and Public Health
  16. Human Rights and Refugees
  17. Immigration Laws, Controls, and Restrictions
    1. Africa, immigrant legislation and laws
    2. Air travel
    3. Arab Gulf Cooperation Council in Southwest Asia migration
    4. Asian migration to Australia
    5. Australasia, immigrant legislation and laws
    6. Balkans, migration, mid-19th century to present
    7. Berne Initiative
    8. Bilateral labor agreements
    9. Bonded labor and migration, United States
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    11. Brain drain, brain gain, India
    12. Canada: 20th-century migration
    13. Canada: gender and migration
    14. Canada: immigration and settlement
    15. Canada: migration to the United States
    16. Caribbean, Spanish migration, 19th century to present
    17. Central America: regional migration and border policies
    18. Chile, migration 1885 to present
    19. China: immigrant legislation and laws
    20. Chinese emigration to 1948
    21. Chinese migrant workers and primitive accumulation of capital
    22. Chinese migration since 1368
    23. Chinese migration, 1949 to present
    24. Chinese urban migration and politics
    25. Circular migration and gender
    26. Citizenship
    27. Citizenship education and migration
    28. Citizenship, nationality, and legal status
    29. Cuba: immigration and emigration
    30. Cuba: migration to United States, 1957 to present
    31. Demographic deficit and migration
    32. Denmark, migration 16th century to present
    33. Deportation of migrants, Netherlands 19th–20th century
    34. Deportation: an overview
    35. Development and receiving countries
    36. Discrimination and migration: national and ethnic origin
    37. Domestic violence, abuse, and migration
    38. DREAM Act, citizenship, and mobilization
    39. Dual citizenship and nationality
    40. Dublin system
    41. ECOWAS and migration
    42. Ethnic selection in immigration to Latin America
    43. Europe: gender and migration
    44. Europe: immigrant legislation and laws
    45. European Union: enlargement and the free movement of labor
    46. European Union: expansion and migration
    47. European Union: migration and social charter
    48. Feminism and migration
    49. Foreign nationals and expatriate residents
    50. France: immigration since 1945
    51. France: political economy of labor migration, early 21st century
    52. Freedom of movement
    53. Gay migration, late 19th century to present
    54. Gender, labor, and migration
    55. Germany, migration, 1980s to present
    56. Global trade and international migration
    57. Government and private support for migrants in receiving countries
    58. Greece, migration 1830s to present
    59. Guest workers policies, East and Southeast Asia
    60. Guest workers, 1970s to present
    61. Hague Programme on migration
    62. Health and migration: an overview
    63. Highly skilled IT migrant workers
    64. Horn of Africa, migration late 19th century to present
    65. Hospitality workers and migration
    66. Human rights activism and migration
    67. Human rights, class, race, and inequality
    68. Human smuggling
    69. Ideology, politics, and migration
    70. ILO and the rights of migrant workers
    71. Immigrants, voting, and electoral participation
    72. Imprisonment and punishment
    73. India–Pakistan Partition 1947 and forced migration
    74. India, migration 1940s to present
    75. Indian emigration, 1947 to present
    76. Indians in Myanmar/Burma, assimilation and integration
    77. Informal labor and irregular migrant workers
    78. Internal foreign-born migrants
    79. International human rights norms on migrants
    80. International migration, economic problems and policies
    81. International Standards and Processes for the Protection of Migrant Rights
    82. Internment camps and migration
    83. Intolerance and migration, United States
    84. Ireland, migration late 18th century to present
    85. Islam and migration
    86. Italy: internal migration 1800–present
    87. Italy: migration 1815 to present
    88. Italy: migration from 1990s to 2010s
    89. Japan: collapse of empire and repatriation
    90. Japan: immigration control policy
    91. Japan: Nikkeijin migration
    92. Japan: undocumented immigrant workers
    93. Labor force participation
    94. Labor migration and worker organization, global North and global South
    95. Labor migration, Europe 1980–2010
    96. Labor migration: an overview
    97. Language and migration: perspectives and experiences
    98. Language and migration: theoretical perspectives
    99. Latin America: migration flows to the United States
    100. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) migration
    101. Malaysia, migration, 1970s to present
    102. Marriage migration
    103. Marriage migration, Europe 1945–2010s
    104. Mediterranean ancient migrations, 2000–1 BCE
    105. Mexican migration to the United States, 1880s to present
    106. Mexico–United States labor migration, 1980s to present
    107. Middle East, labor migration
    108. Migration control
    109. Migration controls and restriction policies
    110. Multilateral approaches to managing migration
    111. Nationality policies and migration
    112. Nativism and xenophobia
    113. Nazi Germany, escape and emigration
    114. Netherlands, migration 19th–20th century
    115. New Zealand, migration 19th century to present
    116. Nordic region, from emigration to immigration
    117. Norway, migration 19th century to present
    118. Organizations and conventions: rights of migrants
    119. Organized crime and migration: the Lombroso Mafia myth
    120. Pakistan, migration 1970s to present
    121. Palestine, migration 1880 to present
    122. Philippine migration to Japan
    123. Philippines, migration, 1948 to present
    124. Poland, migration 19th century to present
    125. Police raids, detention, and deportation of migrants
    126. Political economy of refugees
    127. Puerto Rico, migration 1868 to present
    128. Race and migration
    129. Refugee families and children
    130. Regularization programs
    131. Remittances and political economy of migration
    132. Remittances and undocumented migration
    133. Remittances, political economy of
    134. Return migration and ethnicity
    135. Revolution and migration, Europe 1848–49
    136. Roma migrations
    137. Roman world, mobility
    138. Romania and Moldova, migration mid-19th century to present
    139. Rural–urban migrations, medieval era
    140. Russian international migration, 20th century
    141. Sanctuary movements
    142. Seasonal migration
    143. Sex trafficking and migration
    144. Singapore, Chinese migration late 19th century to present
    145. Skills and migration
    146. Soldiers and citizens
    147. South America, immigrant legislation and laws
    148. Southeast Asia: migration, ASEAN, and regional agreements
    149. Spain: migration 1960s to present
    150. Spanish America, early modern migration 16th–18th century
    151. Statelessness
    152. Steerage, slavery, and shipboard insurrections
    153. Student migration, China to Japan
    154. Switzerland, migration 19th century to present
    155. Temporary migrant workers, globalization, 20th century to present
    156. Tokyo, foreigners in
    157. Trafficking migrants
    158. Transatlantic Slave Trade
    159. Transnational families, research and scholarship
    160. Transnationalism: an overview
    161. Ukraine, migration, early 20th century to present
    162. Undocumented migrants: rights and advocacy
    163. Undocumented migration: an overview
    164. Undocumented residents in the United States
    165. United Kingdom, migration 1990s to present
    166. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
    167. United States: gender and migration
    168. United States: immigration legislation
    169. United States: internal migration, immigrants and new destinations
    170. United States: labor markets and immigrant incorporation, new destinations, 1990s to present
    171. United States: migration, 1965 to present
    172. United States: nativism and migration
    173. United States: origin countries of foreign-born population
    174. War and migration
    175. Wars and population displacement, 20th century
    176. WTO, GATS, and migration
    177. Zionism, colonization, settlement, occupation
  18. Indigenous people
  19. Labor and Political Economy
  20. Latin America and the Caribbean
  21. Maps
  22. Middle East
  23. Migration, 18th Century
  24. Migration, 1945-Present
  25. Migration, 19th Century
  26. Migration, 20th Century
  27. Migration, ancient era
  28. Migration, Holocene
  29. Migration, Medieval Era
  30. Migration, Pleistocene
  31. North America
  32. Oceania
  33. Poverty and inequality
  34. Race, Ethnicity, and Religion
  35. Slavery and Indentured Servitude
  36. Social Sciences and Migration Theories
  37. Transnationalism
  38. Transportation
  39. War
  40. Western Europe and Nordic Countries
  41. Women