Handbook of Food Process Design

Handbook of Food Process Design

Editor(s): Jasim Ahmed, Mohammad Shafiur Rahman

Published Online: 21 MAR 2012 06:38AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781444330113

Online ISBN: 9781444398274

DOI: 10.1002/9781444398274

About this Book

In the 21st Century, processing food is no longer a simple or straightforward matter. Ongoing advances in manufacturing have placed new demands on the design and methodology of food processes. A highly interdisciplinary science, food process design draws upon the principles of chemical and mechanical engineering, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition and economics, and is of central importance to the food industry. Process design is the core of food engineering, and is concerned at its root with taking new concepts in food design and developing them through production and eventual consumption.

Handbook of Food Process Design is a major new 2-volume work aimed at food engineers and the wider food industry. Comprising 46 original chapters written by a host of leading international food scientists, engineers, academics and systems specialists, the book has been developed to be the most comprehensive guide to food process design ever published. 

Starting from first principles, the book provides a complete account of food process designs, including heating and cooling, pasteurization, sterilization, refrigeration, drying, crystallization, extrusion, and separation. Mechanical operations including mixing, agitation, size reduction, extraction and leaching processes are fully documented. Novel process designs such as irradiation, high-pressure processing, ultrasound, ohmic heating and pulsed UV-light are also presented. Food packaging processes are considered, and chapters on food quality, safety and commercial imperatives portray the role process design in the broader context of food production and consumption.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 14

      Sterilization Process Design (pages 362–380)

      Ricardo Simpson, Helena Núñez and Sergio Almonacid

    3. Chapter 24

      Aseptic Process Design (pages 682–709)

      Prabhat Kumar, K. P. Sandeep and Josip Simunovic

    4. Chapter 25

      Extrusion Process Design (pages 710–742)

      Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan and Chinnadurai Karunanithy

    5. Chapter 32

      Size Reduction Process Design (pages 919–966)

      M. Reza Zareifard, Ali Esehaghbeygi and Amin Allah Masoumi

    6. Chapter 38

      Process Design Involving Ultrasound (pages 1107–1165)

      Jordi Salazar, Antoni Turó, Juan A. Chávez and Miguel J. García-Hernández

    7. Chapter 42

      Mass Transport Phenomena in Food Packaging Design (pages 1284–1339)

      Marcella Mastromatteo, Amalia Conte and Matteo Alessandro Del Nobile

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