Endometriosis: Science and Practice

Endometriosis: Science and Practice

Editor(s): Linda C. Giudice, Johannes L. H. Evers, David L. Healy

Published Online: 25 JAN 2012

Print ISBN: 9781444332131

Online ISBN: 9781444398519

DOI: 10.1002/9781444398519

About this Book

Written by an internationally well-known editor team, Endometriosis: Science and Practice is a state-of-the-art guide to this surprisingly common disease. While no cause for endometriosis has been determined, information of recent developments are outlined in this text, offering insight to improve management of symptoms medically or surgically. The first of its kind, this major textbook integrates scientific and clinical understanding of this painful disease helping to provide better patient care.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: History, Epidemiology, and Economics

  2. Part 2: Pathogenesis

  3. Part 3: Disease Characterization

    1. Chapter 10

      Extra-Abdominal Endometriosis (pages 108–114)

      Antonio Bobbio, Diane Damotte, Anne Gompel and Marco Alifano

  4. Part 4: Biological Basis and Pathophysiology of Endometriosis

    1. Chapter 12

      Stem Cells in Endometriosis (pages 130–139)

      Caroline E. Gargett, Hirotaka Masuda and Gareth C. Weston

    2. Chapter 14

      Role of Steroid Hormones: Progesterone Signaling (pages 145–152)

      Shirin Khanjani, Marwa K. Al-Sabbagh, Luca Fusi and Jan J. Brosens

    3. Chapter 21

      Pelvic Mechanisms Involved in the Pathophysiology of Pain in Endometriosis (pages 212–229)

      Ian S. Fraser, Natsuko Tokushige, Alison J. Hey-Cunningham, Marina Berbic and Cecilia H. M. Ng

  5. Part 5: Models of Endometriosis

  6. Part 6: Diagnosis of Endometriosis

    1. Chapter 31

      Diagnosis of Endometriosis: Proteomics (pages 324–335)

      Andrew N. Stephens, Luk J. F. Rombauts and Lois A. Salamonsen

  7. Part 7: Medical Therapies for Pain

    1. Chapter 35

      Medical Therapies: Aromatase Inhibitors (pages 357–365)

      Serdar E. Bulun, Erkut Attar, Bilgin Gurates, You-Hong Chen, Hideki Tokunaga, Diana Monsivais and Mary Ellen Pavone

  8. Part 8: Surgical Therapies for Pain

  9. Part 9: Infertility and Endometriosis

  10. Part 10: Associated Disorders

    1. Chapter 49

      Endometriosis and Cancer: Epidemiology (pages 501–511)

      Paola Viganò, Edgardo Somigliana, Fabio Parazzini and Paolo Vercellini

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