Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry

Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry

Online ISBN: 9783527610426

DOI: 10.1002/9783527610426

About this Book

The definitive work in electrochemistry

Providing an up-to-date source for engineers and scientists, the Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry is unrivalled in its breadth and depth, covering everything from fundamental research to areas of application. Extensive cross-linking allows users to deepen their knowledge as much as needed.

Electrochemical processes play an increasingly large role in our daily lives; whether in producing or saving energy, rust protection or nerve stimuli in our bodies. Thus it is hardly surprising that the specialist area of electrochemistry is a traditional yet very lively area of research.

The Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry spans all electrochemical areas:

  • Fundamentals in electrochemistry

  • Instrumentation

  • Electroanalytical chemistry

  • Corrosion and oxide films

  • Electrochemical engineering

  • Semiconductor electrodes / Electrodes and modified electrodes

  • Photoelectrochemistry

  • Inorganic and organic electrochemistry/ Bioelectrochemistry.

The articles are intended not only for electrochemists, but also for those in other fields who use electrochemistry and are in need of a reference to improve their expertise:

  • Electrochemists

  • Physical Chemists

  • Engineers

  • Analytical Chemists

  • Material Scientists

  • Surface Scientists

  • Physicists

In this respect, the Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry facilitates the broad use of electrochemistry in research and industry, while also providing a basis for further progress in this highly interesting and fast moving area of science.

Outstanding articles to name but few:

  • Electrocatalysis on Surfaces Modified by Metal Monolayers Deposited at Underpotentials written by Radoslav Adzic (Fellow of the Electrochemical Society).

  • CO, Formic Acid, and Methanol Oxidation in Acid Electrolytes – Mechanisms and Electrocatalysis from Wolf Vielstich, well-known for his many contributions to electrochemistry.

  • Stripping Analysis contributed by Joseph Wang, the recipient of the Cole Parmer Award 2006.

  • Anodic and Cathodic Protection composed by U. Kamachi Mudali, H.S. Khatak and Baldev Raj, who is recipient of numerous awards (a.o.TWAS Award , Nayudamma Memorial Award).

  • Electrochemistry in Semiconductor Processing written by X.G. Zhang (from Teck Cominco Metals Ltd.).

  • Reshef Tenne, named 2005 MRS Medialist, wrote about Inorganic Nanoparticles with Fullerene-like Structure and Nanotubes .

  • With an article about Fullerenes (L.E. Echegoyen, M.A. Herranz, L. Echegoyen) - the most fascinating and most studied molecules during the last decade.

  • Read about Electrosynthesis of Natural Products, Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals contributed by R.D. Little (recipient of numerous honors and awards) and co-authors.

  • Mediated Electron-transfer between Redox-enzymes and Electrode Supports by E. Katz, A.N. Shipway and I. Willner, Chairman of the Institute of Chemistry.

  • Sol-Gel Modified Electrode Films written by W. Dong & B. Dunn.