Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance: Methods, Materials, Medicine, Biology, Rheology, Geology, Ecology, Hardware

Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance: Methods, Materials, Medicine, Biology, Rheology, Geology, Ecology, Hardware

Editor(s): P. Blümler, B. Blümich, R. Botto, E. Fukushima

Published Online: 20 DEC 2007

Print ISBN: 9783527296378

Online ISBN: 9783527611843

DOI: 10.1002/9783527611843

About this Book

'Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance' provides comprehensive and exhaustive coverage of the state of the art in magnetic resonance imaging. Focusing on nonclinical applications, readers learn about the possibilities, limitations and strengths of magnetic resonance methods in a broad range of fields, from materials science, medicine, biology, to geology and ecology. New and innovative applications such as polymer and elastomer characterization, analysis of construction materials and material flow, biomedical imaging and plant studies document the significant advances being made in this field. Newcomers will find the tutorial chapter an excellent guide to the fundamentals of magnetic resonance.
Based on lectures presented at the Fourth International Conference on Magnetic Resonance Microscopy held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in October 1997, all chapters have been carefully edited and reviewed. Chemists, physicists, materials scientists, geologists, and life-scientists who wish to assess the potential of magnetic resonance imaging will find this reference a stimulating and exhaustive resource.

'This volume documents a long stride toward maturation and integration, along with the ever increasing power and subtlety of techniques and analyses, and should inspire developers and users in all areas, from medicine to geology.'
Paul C. Lauterbur

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Methods

    1. Chapter 8

      Imaging Diffusion with Non-Uniform B1 Gradients (pages 103–110)

      Klaus Woelk, Bernd L. J. Zwank, Joachim Bargon, Robert J. Klingler, Rex E. Gerald and Jerome W. Rathke

    2. Chapter 9

      In Situ Imaging of Charge Carriers in an Electrochemical Cell (pages 111–119)

      Rex E. Gerald, Robert J. Klingler, Jerome W. Rathke, Giselle Sandí and Klaus Woelk

  2. Part 2: Materials

    1. Chapter 15

      Soft-Matter Relaxation by the NMR-MOUSE (pages 195–209)

      A. Guthausen, G. Zimmer, R. Eymael, U. Schmitz, P. Blümler and B. Blümich

    2. Chapter 27

      Particle Compaction as Observed by MRI (pages 299–304)

      R. A. Waggoner, M. Nakagawa, S. J. Glass, M. Reece and E. Fukushima

  3. Part 3: Medicine and Biology

    1. Chapter 35

      Application of High Resolution Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Monitor a Rodent Model of Cardiac Dysfunction (pages 389–394)

      Sudeep Chandra, Konstantin G. Gurbanov, Robert Strittmatter, Eliot H. Ohlstein, Giora Z. Feuerstein and Susanta K. Sarkar

    2. Chapter 36

      Fast MR Imaging of Esophageal Motility (pages 395–401)

      Yasunaga Seki, Satoru Naruse, Yoshiteru Seo, Masataka Murakami, Tsuyoshi Ozaki, Motoji Kitagawa, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Yasuyuki Nakae and Tetsuo Hayakawa

    3. Chapter 37

      Spatial NMR Studies of Tumor Spheroids (pages 403–411)

      K. R. Minard, R. A. Wind, W. E. Maas, K. Millis and D. G. Cory

    4. Chapter 40

      Volume Localised 1H MRS of Renal Osmolytes (pages 431–437)

      Gary J. Cowin, I. Anne Leditschke, Stuart Crozier and Zoltan H. Endre

    5. Chapter 41

      MRM in the Modelling of the Ossicular Chain (pages 439–444)

      E. W. Abel, J. A. Chudek, G. Hunter, R. M. Lord, R. L. MacKay and R. P. Mills

    6. Chapter 42

      NMR Imaging of Rigid Biological Tissues (pages 445–457)

      Yoshiteru Seo, Hisatake Takamiya, Hiroki Ishikawa, Toshiaki Nakashima, Yehuda Sharf and Gil Navon

    7. Chapter 43

      Magnetic Resonance Microimaging of Teeth (pages 459–465)

      S. N. Scrimgeour, C. H. Lloyd, G. Hunter, J. A. Chudek and R. L. MacKay

    8. Chapter 44

      MRM, an Alternative Approach to the Study of Host/Parasitoid Relationships in Insects (pages 467–471)

      J. A. Chudek, G. Hunter, R. L. MacKay, S. Moritz, A. N. E. Birch, I. E. Geoghegan, R. J. McNicol and M. E. N. Majerus

    9. Chapter 45

      Plant Growth Studies Using Low Field NMR (pages 473–479)

      L. van der Weerd, T. Ruttink, D. van Dusschoten, F. J. Vergeldt, P. A. de Jager and H. Van As

  4. Part 4: Diffusion and Flow

  5. Part 5: Geology and Ecology

  6. Part 6: Hardware

  7. Part 7: Tutorial

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