NMR Spectroscopy: Modern Spectral Analysis

NMR Spectroscopy: Modern Spectral Analysis

Author(s): Dr. Ursula Weber, Dr. Herbert Thiele

Published Online: 14 DEC 2007

Print ISBN: 9783527288281

Online ISBN: 9783527612352

DOI: 10.1002/9783527612352

About this Book

The state-of-the-art in NMR spectral analysis.
This interactive tutorial provides readers with a comprehensive range of software tools and techniques, as well as the necessary theoretical knowledge required to analyze their spectra and obtain the correct NMR parameters.
Modern Spectral Analysis provides expert guidance, by presenting efficient strategies to extract NMR parameters from measured spectra. A database of selected spectra and modern, powerful WIN-NMR software designed by Bruker are provided on the enclosed CD-ROM. The programs provided are 1 D WIN-NMR, WIN-DAISY, WIN-DR and WIN-DYNAMICS, and direct data exchange between all these programs is possible. Readers are shown how they can obtain maximum structural information from their 1 D NMR spectra with time-saving computer assistance. Practical problems that can occur and their solutions are discussed at length using clear, easy-to-follow examples. Both homo- and heteronuclear and first- and second-order spin systems are demonstrated. Moreover, relaxation analysis, nuclear Overhauser effects and magnetic site exchange are all covered in this hands-on guide to NMR spectral analysis.

Table of contents