Handbook of Explosion Prevention and Protection

Handbook of Explosion Prevention and Protection

Editor(s): Martin Hattwig, Henrikus Steen

Published Online: 11 OCT 2007

Print ISBN: 9783527307180

Online ISBN: 9783527612468

DOI: 10.1002/9783527612468

About this Book

The new definitive reference in the field.

Between them, the renowned team of editors and authors have amassed unparalleled experience at such institutes as BAM, PTB, Pittsburgh National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, BASF AG, and the University of Göttingen. In this work-the first of its kind for 35 years-they describe in detail those measures that prevent or limit industrial explosions and the damage so caused. They cover various preventative methods, as well as the current state of technology combined with data gained through experimentation.

This handbook offers operational, planning, design and safety engineers working in industry, government agencies and professional associations in-depth knowledge of the scientific and technical basics, allowing them to apply explosion protection according to any given situation.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      Ignition Processes (pages 61–270)

      Dr. Helmut Krämer, Dr. Martin Glor, Prof. Dr. Henrikus Steen, Dr. Markus Goedde, Dr. Heino Bothe, Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Behrend, Dr-Ing. Klaus Ritter, Prof. Dr. H. Gg. Wagner, Dr.-Ing. Willi Hensel, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Krause, Dr. Ulrich Löffler and Dr. Winfried Karl

    3. Chapter 3

      Properties of Reactive Gases and Vapours (Safety Characteristics) (pages 271–377)

      Dr. Elisabeth Brandes, Dr. Siegmund Dietlen, Dr. Hartmut Hieronymus, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Krause, Dr. Bodo Plewinsky, Dr. Tammo Redeker, Dr. Volkmar Schröder and Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Hoyermann

    4. Chapter 5

      Properties of Flammable Mists and Foams (pages 419–480)

      Dr. Hans Förster, Dr. Bodo Plewinsky and Dr. Hartmut Hieronymus

    5. Chapter 6

      Measures of Explosion Protection and Prevention (pages 481–610)

      Prof. Dr. Henrikus Steen, Dr. Martin Hattwig, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Krause, Dr. Christophe Proust, Dipl.-Ing. Richard Siwek, Dr. Hans Förster and Dr. Wolfgang Wiechmann

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