Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Microelectronic Materials

Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Microelectronic Materials

Author(s): Joseph M. Steigerwald, Shyam P. Murarka, Ronald J. Gutmann

Print ISBN: 9780471138273

Online ISBN: 9783527617746

DOI: 10.1002/9783527617746

Author Biography

About the Author

JOSEPH M. STEIGERWALD, PhD, works for the Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon. Currently developing CMP processes for dielectric films, he has also worked for Intel in the areas of plasma and wet etching of thin films. Dr. Steigerwald earned his PhD at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where his thesis involved fundamental aspects of copper CMP. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Clarkson University.

SHYAM P. MURARKA, PhD, is Director of the SRC Center for Advanced Interconnect Science and Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a professor with the Center for Integrated Electronics and Electronics Manufacturing (CIEEM) and the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Rensselaer. He has also served as the Director of CIEEM (1994-1996) and Co-Director of New York's SEMATECH Center of Excellence in Multilevel Interconnects (1990-1996). He is a Fellow of ASM International, IEEE, and AVS, and a member of the Electrochemical Society, TMS, and MRS. Dr. Murarka received a doctorate in chemistry from Agra University in India and one in metallurgy and materials science from the University of Minnesota.

RONALD J. GUTMANN, PhD, is Professor in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering, Coordinator of multifaculty programs in Low Dielectric Constant Interconnect Technology and Thermophotovoltaic Cell Technology, and a member of both the SEMATECH University Advisory Council and the Semiconductor Research Corporation University Advisory Committee. From 1989 to 1994 he served as Director of the Rensselaer Center for Integrated Electronics, an interdisciplinary research and education center involving 50 faculty with programs in electronic materials, processing techniques, semiconductor devices, characterization techniques, and VLSI design, and from 1990 to 1996 as Co-Director of New York's Sematech Center of Excellence in Multilevel Interconnects. He is a Fellow of ieee. Dr. Gutmann received both his bachelor of electrical engineering degree and doctorate in electrophysics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.