Proceedings of the Galactic Center Workshop 2002: The Central 300 parsecs of the Milky Way

Proceedings of the Galactic Center Workshop 2002: The Central 300 parsecs of the Milky Way

Editor(s): A. Cotera, S. Markoff, T. R. Geballe, H. Falcke

Published Online: 30 DEC 2007

Print ISBN: 9783527404667

Online ISBN: 9783527617982

DOI: 10.1002/9783527617982

About this Book

Our knowledge of the environment of the nucleus of our galaxy has been greatly enhanced, by more extensive and sensitive observations at radio and infrared wavelengths, the advent of high resolution x-ray imaging and spectroscopy, and considerable theoretical activity to understand the nucleus and its components, and their activity.
The Galactic Center Workshop 2002 was organized to review recent research on the galactic center, including the latest state-of-the-art observations and important theoretical developments. The workshop covered phenomena on scales ranging from the central several hundred parsecs to the central parsec and within. Each topic was approached from both multi-wavelength observational and theoretical perspectives.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Large Scale Structures: Surveys and Interactions

    1. Chapter 2

      High Resolution, High Sensitivity Imaging of the Galactic Center at 330 MHz (pages 9–16)

      Michael E. Nord, Crystal L. Brogan, Scott D. Hyman, T. Joseph, W. Lazio, Namir E. Kassim, T. N. Larosa, K. Anantharamaiah and Neboja Duric

    2. Chapter 5

      Two Thousand X-ray Stars in the Central 20 pc of the Galaxy (pages 33–39)

      M. P. Muno, F. K. Baganoff, M. W. Bautz, W. N. Brandt, P. S. Broos, E. D. Feigelson, G. P. Garmire, M. R. Morris, G. R. Ricker and L. K. Townsley

    3. Chapter 7

      Study of the Nuclear Bulge region of the Galaxy (pages 47–51)

      K. S. Baliyan, S. Ganesh, U. C. Joshi, I. S. Glass and T. Nagata

    4. Chapter 8

      A morphological Study of the Galactic Inner Bulge (pages 53–57)

      Kiran S. Baliyan, Shashikiran Ganesh, Umesh C. Joshi, Ian S. Glass, Mark R. Morris, Alain Omont, Mathias Schultheis and Guy Simon

    5. Chapter 10

      Prospects for LOFAR Observations of the Galactic Center (pages 65–71)

      N. E. Kassim, T. J. W. Lazio, M. Nord, S. D. Hyman, C. L. Brogan, T. N. Larosa and N. Duric

    6. Chapter 12

      A Search for Radio Transients at 0.33 GHz in the GC (pages 79–83)

      Scott D. Hyman, T. Joseph, W. Lazio, Namir E. Kassim, Michael E. Nord and Jennifer L. Neureuther

  2. Part 2: Molecular Clouds and Magnetic Fields

    1. Chapter 14

      The Inner 200pc: Hot Dense Gas (pages 93–99)

      Christopher L. Martin, Wilfred M. Walsh, Kecheng Xiao, Adair P. Lane, Christopher K. Walker and Antony A. Stark

    2. Chapter 19

      Observation of Toroidal Magnetic Fields on 100 pc Scales in the Galactic Center (pages 133–137)

      G. Novak, D. T. Chuss, J. L. Dotson, G. S. Griffin, R. F. Loewenstein, M. G. Newcomb, D. Pernic, J. B. Peterson and T. Renbarger

    3. Chapter 23

      Molecular Line Observations of the Tornado Nebula and its Eye (pages 157–160)

      J. Lazendic, M. Burton, F. Yusef-Zadeh, M. Wardle, A. Green and J. Whiteoak

    4. Chapter 24

      The Search for Water and Other Molecules in the Galactic Centre with the Odin Satellite (pages 161–165)

      Aa. Sandqvist, P. Bergman, A. Hjalmarson, E. Falgarone, T. Liljeström, M. Lindqvist, A. Winnberg and The Odin Team

  3. Part 3: Sagittarius A and its Environs

    1. Chapter 25

      Deep X-Ray Imaging of the Central 20 Parsecs of the Galaxy with Chandra (pages 167–172)

      Mark Morris, Fred Baganoff, Michael Muno, Christian Howard, Yoshitomo Maeda, Eric Feigelson, Marshall Bautz, Niel Brandt, George Chartas, Gordon Garmire and Lisa Townsley

    2. Chapter 26

      Mapping Magnetic Fields in the Cold Dust at the Galactic Center (pages 173–179)

      David T. Chuss, Giles Novak, Jacqueline A. Davidson, Jessie L. Dotson, C. Darren Dowell, Roger H. Hildebrand and John E. Vaillancourt

    3. Chapter 27

      The Galactic Center Nonthermal Filaments: Recent Observations and Theory (pages 181–187)

      T. N. Larosa, Michael E. Nord, T. Joseph, W. Lazio, Steven N. Shore and Namir E. Kassim

    4. Chapter 28

      Interaction between the Northeastern Boundary of Sgr A East and Giant Molecular Clouds: Excitation Mechanisms of the H Emission (pages 189–195)

      Sungho Lee, Soojong Pak, Christopher J. Davis, Robeson M. Herrnstein, T. R. Geballe, Paul T. P. Ho and J. Craig Wheeler

    5. Chapter 30

      Chandra ACIS Imaging Spectroscopy of Sgr A East (pages 205–210)

      Y. Maeda, K. Itoh, F. K. Baganoff, M. W. Bautz, W. N. Brandt, D. N. Burrows, J. P. Doty, E. D. Feigelson, G. P. Garmire, M. Morris, M. P. Muno, S. Park, S. H. Pravdo, G. R. Ricker and L. K. Townsley

    6. Chapter 31

      A Census of Dust Absorption at the Galactic Centre (pages 211–215)

      Andy Adamson, Rachel Mason, Emily Macdonald, Gillian Wright, Jean Chiar, Yvonne Pendleton, Tom Kerr, Janet Bowey, Doug Whittet and Mark Rawlings

  4. Part 4: Stars and Star Formation

    1. Chapter 39

      The Galactic Center Source IRS 13E: a Star Cluster (pages 263–269)

      Jean-Pierre Maillard, Thibaut Paumard, Susan Stolovy and François Rigaut

    2. Chapter 41

      Simulated X-ray emission from the Arches cluster (pages 279–284)

      Pablo F. Velázquez, Alejandro C. Raga, Jorge Cantó, Elena Masciadri and Luis F. Rodríguez

    3. Chapter 43

      86 GHz SiO masing late-type stars in the Inner Galaxy (pages 293–297)

      M. Messineo, H. J. Habing, L. O. Sjouwerman, K. M. Menten and A. Omont

    4. Chapter 47

      Stellar Orbits at the Center of the Milky Way (pages 315–319)

      N. Mouawad, A. Eckart, S. Pfalzner, J. Moultaka, C. Straubmeier, R. Spurzem, R. Schödel and T. Ott

    5. Chapter 50

      Radio Pulsars in the Galactic Center (pages 333–336)

      T. Joseph, W. Lazio, James M. Cordes, Cornelia C. Lang, Eric V. Gotthelf and Q. Daniel Wang

  5. Part 5: Sgr A* I: New Observational Results

    1. Chapter 57

      A New X-Ray Flare from the Galactic Nucleus Detected with XMM-Newton (pages 377–382)

      A. Goldwurm, E. Brion, P. Goldoni, P. Ferrando, F. Daigne, A. Decourchelle, R. S. Warwick and P. Predehl

    2. Chapter 61

      VLBA observation of a radio intraday flare of Sgr A (pages 403–406)

      Makoto Miyoshi, Hiroshi Imai, Junichi Nakashima, Shuji Deguchi and Zhi-Qiang Shen

    3. Chapter 62

      A Chandra View of Diffuse X-Ray Emission in the Central 20 Parsecs of the Galaxy (pages 407–411)

      Sangwook Park, Frederick K. Baganoff, Mark W. Bautz, Gordon P. Garmire, Yoshitomo Maeda, Mark Morris and Michael P. Muno

  6. Part 6: Sgr A* II: Theoretical Models

  7. Part 7: The Central Parsec

    1. Chapter 76

      The Position, Motion, and Mass of Sgr A* (pages 505–511)

      Mark J. Reid, Karl M. Menten, Reinhard Genzel, Thomas Ott, Rainer Schödel and Andreas Brunthaler

    2. Chapter 78

      New MIR Excess Sources north of the IRS 13 Complex* (pages 521–526)

      A. Eckart, J. Moultaka, T. Viehmann, C. Straubmeier, N. Mouawad, R. Genzel, T. Ott and R. Schödel

    3. Chapter 83

      Monitoring Sagittarius A* in the MIR with the VLT* (pages 557–561)

      A. Eckart, J. Moultaka, T. Viehmann, C. Straubmeier, N. Mouawad, R. Genzel, T. Ott, R. Schödel, F. K. Baganoff and M. R. Morris

    4. Chapter 85

      Mid-Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopic Observations of the Galactic Center with Subaru/COMICS (pages 567–571)

      Y. Okada, T. Onaka, T. Miyata, H. Kataza, Y. K. Okamoto, S. Sako, M. Honda, T. Yamashita and T. Fujiyoshi

  8. Part 8: Morphology and Dynamics of the Central 10 Parsecs

    1. Chapter 94

      Simple hydrodynamical Simulations of the Circumnuclear Disk (pages 629–634)

      Robert F. Coker, Michol H. Christopher, Susan R. Stolovy and Nick Z. Scoville