Radicals in Organic Synthesis

Radicals in Organic Synthesis

Editor(s): Philippe Renaud, Mukund P. Sibi

Published Online: 26 MAR 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527301607

Online ISBN: 9783527618293

DOI: 10.1002/9783527618293

About this Book

Over the past few years, radical chemistry has witnessed a rapid development, with the result, for example, that new methods for producing radicals now allow the targeted use of these reactive intermediate stages in organic synthesis. This two-volume work is an account of the progress being made.
The first volume covers basic methodologies for successfully carrying out radical reactions, complete with a detailed discussion of the effectiveness and versatility of the individual methods. Further, the first volume also treats the characteristics of radicals, where such information is necessary for the successful planning of synthesis.
The second volume concentrates on applications for radicals in synthesis. Of particular use to those working in research are the numerous comparisons to "classic" methods of synthesis, carefully collected from the editors' and authors' many years of experience in the field.
The vast amount of information contained in this work makes it an essential reference for every organic chemist working in industry and academia.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Basic Principles - Radical Chain Reactions

  2. Part I: Basic Principles - Single-Electron Transfer

  3. Part I: Basic Principles - Synthetically Important Properties of Radicals

  4. Part I: Basic Principles - Stereoselectivity of Radical Reactions

  5. Part I: Basic Principles - Polymers

  6. Part II: Applications - Radical Processes: Carbon–Carbon Bond Formation

  7. Part II: Applications - Radical Processes: Carbon–Heteroatom Bond Formation

  8. Part II: Applications - Radical Cyclizations and Rearrangements

    1. Chapter 3.6

      Hydrogen Atom Abstraction (pages 246–278)

      Laurence Feray, Nikolai Kuznetsov and Philippe Renaud

  9. Part II: Applications - Radicals in Total Synthesis

  10. Part II: Applications - Heteroatom-Centered Radicals

  11. Part II: Applications - Radicals in Biomaterials

    1. Chapter 6.3

      Radicals in Carbohydrate Chemistry (pages 538–577)

      Alan James Pearce, Jean-Maurice Mallet and Pierre Sinaÿ

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