Applied Homogeneous Catalysis with Organometallic Compounds: A Comprehensive Handbook in Two Volumes

Applied Homogeneous Catalysis with Organometallic Compounds: A Comprehensive Handbook in Two Volumes

Editor(s): Boy Cornils, Wolfgang A. Herrmann

Published Online: 18 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527292868

Online ISBN: 9783527619351

DOI: 10.1002/9783527619351

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Homogeneous catalysis is the success story of organometallic chemistry. Since the discovery of hydroformylation by O. Roelen in 1938, catalytic applications have paved the way of organometallic compounds in industry. Bulk and fine chemicals, and even natural products are being produced via homogeneous organometallic catalysis. The enormous breadth of this topic in view of both basic research and industrial application is met congenially in this handbook edited jointly by W. A. Herrmann (Technical University Munich) and B. Cornils (Hoechst AG, Frankfurt). The list of over 90 contributors reads like a who-is-who in organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis. In this handbook, experts will find the current state-of-the-art in their field and advanced students will benefit from the concise treatment of important catalytic reactions and processes. With its balanced presentation of the truly interdisciplinary topic and its outstanding editor- and authorship, the 'Cornils/Herrmann' is beyond common standards.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 2: Applied Homogeneous Catalysis

    1. Chapter 2.1

      Carbon Monoxide and Synthesis Gas Chemistry: Hydroformylation (Oxo Synthesis, Roelen Reaction) (pages 27–200)

      Carl D. Frohning, Christian W. Kohlpaintner, M. Gauß, A. Seidel, P. Torrence, P. Heymanns, A. Höhn, M. Beller, J. F. Knifton, A. Klausener, J.-D. Jentsch and A. M. Tafesh

    2. Chapter 2.3

      Reactions of Unsaturated Compounds (pages 220–273)

      Walter Kaminsky, Michael Arndt, L. L. Böhm, D. Vogt, Y. Chauvin, H. Olivier, J. Henkelmann, R. Taube, G. Sylvester, J. C. Mol, E. Drent, J. A. M. van Broekhoven, P. H. M. Budzelaar, N. Yoshimura, G. Wilke and A. Eckerle

    3. Chapter 2.4

      Oxidations (pages 374–464)

      Reinhard Jira, R. A. Sheldon, P. Lappe, E. Schulz, R. W. Fischer and F. Röhrscheid

  2. Part 3: Recent Developments in Homogeneous Catalysis

    1. Chapter 3.1

      Development of Methods (pages 593–767)

      Boy Cornils, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, I. T. Horváth, P. Panster, S. Wieland, J.-M. Basset, G. P. Niccolai, G. Schmid, H. Bahrmann, R. Klein, R. Schmid, J. Bargon, M. Baerns, P. Claus, D. Hesse, W. A. Herrmann, A. F. Noels and A. Demonceau

    2. Chapter 3.2

      Special Catalysts and Processes: Sections 3.2.1–3.2.5 (pages 768–892)

      Karlheinz Drauz, Herbert Waldmann, Bernd Sauerbrei, E. Vögtle, R. Ross, M. Händel, U. Kragl, C. Dreisbach, Ch. Wandrey, Y. Goldberg, H. Alper and R. Anwander

    3. Chapter 3.2

      Special Catalysts and Processes: Sections 3.2.6–3.2.14 (pages 893–991)

      F. Küber, H. Bahrmann, D. Astruc, A. Heumann, M. Chanon, W. A. Herrmann, C. Bianchini and A. Meli

    4. Chapter 3.3

      Special Products: Sections 3.3.1–3.3.4 (pages 992–1072)

      Hans-Ulrich Blaser, Benoît Pugin, Felix Spindler, M. Beller, K. B. Sharpless, P. W. Jolly, G. Wilke, E. Dinjus and R. Fornika

    5. Chapter 3.3

      Special Products: Sections 3.3.5–3.3.12 (pages 1072–1163)

      R. Sundermacher, H. J. Scholl, A. Sen, V. Rautenstrauch, H. Bönnemann, W. Brijoux, E. Drent, W. W. Jager, J. J. Keijsper, F. G. M. Niele, L. Vígh, F. Joó and W. A. Herrmann

  3. Part 4: Epilogue

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