Organosilicon Chemistry II: From Molecules to Materials

Organosilicon Chemistry II: From Molecules to Materials

Editor(s): Norbert Auner, Johann Weis

Published Online: 25 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527292547

Online ISBN: 9783527619894

DOI: 10.1002/9783527619894

About this Book

Organosilicon Chemistry at its best...
Like its hugely successful predecessor, this volume presents the latest developments in a rapidly developing field of industrial and academic research. Written by leading experts, it is a unique handbook for every scientist concerned with organosilicon compounds and their applications.

From reviews of the first volume:
'The excellent presentation of its contents guarantees that it will occupy a prominent place within the literature on silicon chemistry.' Nachr. Chem. Lab. Techn.

'... I do recommend this book highly to those scientists in academia and industry who are active in molecular organosilicon chemistry and/or silicon-based materials science.'

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Tetravalent Organosilicon Compounds: Chemistry and Structure

    1. Chapter 5

      Silacyclobutenes — Synthesis and Reactivity (pages 41–47)

      Michael Backer, Martin Grasmann, Wolfgang Ziche, Norbert Auner, Carola Wagner, Eberhardt Herdtweck, Wolfgang Hiller and Maximilian Hecket

    2. Chapter 25

      Supersilyl Phosphorus Compounds (pages 195–201)

      Nils Wiberg, Angelika Wörner, Heinrich Nöth and Konstantin Karaghiosof

  2. Part II: Organosubstituted Silicon with Unusual Coordination Numbers

    1. Chapter 35

      Silylenes, Stable and Unstable (pages 251–261)

      Michael Denk, Robert West, Randy Hayashi, Yitzhak Apeloig, Reuben Pauncz and Miriam Kami

    2. Chapter 49

      Recent Explorations of the Chemistry of Pentacoordinate Silicon (pages 411–425)

      Alan R. Bassindale, Simon G. Glynn, Jianxiong Jiang, David J. Parker, Robert Turtle, Peter G. Taylor and Scott S. D. Brown

  3. Part III: Organosilicon Metal Compounds: Their Use in Organosilicon Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry, and Catalysis

    1. Chapter 67

      1-Metalla-2-Sila-1, 3-Diene Compounds (pages 569–574)

      Markus Weinmann, Heinrich Lang, Olaf Walter and Michael Büchner

  4. Part IV: Silicon Polymers: Formation and Application

    1. Chapter 87

      Synthesis of Spinnable Poly(silanes/-Carbosilanes) and Their Conversion into SiC Fibers (pages 719–723)

      Robin Richter, Gerhard Roewer, Hans-Peter Martin, Erica Brendler, Hans Krämer and Eberhard Müller

    2. Chapter 88

      Polymeric Silylcarbodiimides -Novel Route to Si[DOUBLE BOND]C[DOUBLE BOND]N Ceramics (pages 725–731)

      Andreas Kienzle, Kathi Wurm, Joachim Bill, Fritz Aldinger and Ralf Riedel

    3. Chapter 89

      New Modified Polycarbosilanes (pages 733–735)

      Wolfgang Habel, Werner Haeusler, Andreas Oelschläger and Peter Sartori

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