Organosilicon Chemistry IV: From Molecules to Materials

Organosilicon Chemistry IV: From Molecules to Materials

Editor(s): Norbert Auner, Johann Weis

Published Online: 28 APR 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527298549

Online ISBN: 9783527619917

DOI: 10.1002/9783527619917

About this Book

Organosilicon Chemistry at its best ... ((kursiv))

Since the appearance of the first volume in 1994 this series has become a well respected forum for organosilicon chemistry. Like its highly successful predecessors, the fourth volume again a wealth of information from articles by recognized experts in their area. It provides a detailed and critical survey of the frontiers of industrial and academic research, including

· synthesis and reactivity of new organosilicon compounds
· applications in materials and polymer science
· trends in silicone chemistry
· summary of the latest (1999!) knowledge in this area

Keep up-to-date in this steadily developing field with the latest issue of "Organosilicon Chemistry".

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 15

      Sterically Overloaded Silanes, Silylenes and Disilenes with Supersilyl Substituents tBu3Si (pages 93–97)

      Nils Wiberg, Wolfgang Niedermayer, Kurt Polbord, Heinrich Nöth, Jörg Knizek, Dieter Fenske and Gerhurd Baum

    3. Chapter 21

      Intramolecularely π-Stabilized Silyl Cations (pages 127–139)

      Norbert Auner, Thomas Müller, Markus Ostermeier, Julia Schuppan and Hans-Uwe Steinberger

    4. Chapter 36

      Synthesis of Heavily Halogenated Vinylsilanes (pages 226–228)

      Uwe Pätzold, Florian Lanzer, Christoph Marschner and Karl Hassler

    5. Chapter 49

      Novel Bis(1, 2-N, N-Dimethylamino-Methylferrocenyl)-Silyl Compounds (pages 300–305)

      Wolfram Palitzsch, Gerhard Roewer, Claus Pietzsch, Klaus Jacob and Kurt Merzweiler

    6. Chapter 65

      Siloxene-Like Polymers: Networks (pages 389–393)

      Alois Kleewein, Harald Stüger, Stefan Tasch and Günther Leising

    7. Chapter 66

      Silicon-Containing Spacers for the Synthesis of Tin-Containing Multidentate Lewis Acids (pages 394–398)

      Reiner Altmann, Olivier Gausset, Reinhard Hummeltenberg, Klaus Jurkschat, Silke Kühn, Markus Schürmann and Bernhard Zobel

    8. Chapter 74

      Metal-Fragment Substituted Disilanols (pages 437–441)

      Wolfgang Malisch, Heinrich Jehle, Markku Lager and Martin Nieger

    9. Chapter 99

      Application of Functionalized Polysilanes in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (pages 588–591)

      Florian Lunzer, Christoph Marschner, Markus Wuchse, Stefan Tasch and Günther Leising

    10. Chapter 105

      Poly-Functionalization of Polysiloxanes —New Industrial Opportunities (pages 645–658)

      Stefan Breunig, Josette Chardon, Nathalie Guennouni, Gerard Mignani, Philippe Olier, Andre Van Derspuy and Carol Vergelati

    11. Chapter 114

      Molecular Reactors Based on Organosilicon μ-Networks (pages 726–729)

      Manfred Schmidt, Olaf Emmerich, Christopher Roos, Karl Fischer, Frank Baumann, Bernd Deubzer and Johann Weis

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