Nanophotonic Materials: Photonic Crystals, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials

Nanophotonic Materials: Photonic Crystals, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials

Editor(s): Ralf B. Wehrspohn, H.-S. Kitzerow, Kurt Busch

Published Online: 4 MAR 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527408580

Online ISBN: 9783527621880

DOI: 10.1002/9783527621880

About this Book

`Nanophotonic Materials - Photonic Crystals, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials' summarizes the work and results of a consortium consisting of more than 20 German research groups concentrated on photonics crystals research over the last seven years. Illustrated throughout in full color, the book provides an overview of these novel materials, spanning the entire range from fundamentals to applications.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Linear and Non-linear Properties of Photonic Crystals

    1. Chapter 5

      Coupled Nanopillar Waveguides: Optical Properties and Applications (pages 77–96)

      Dmitry N. Chigrin, Sergei V. Zhukovsky, Andrei V. Lavrinenko and Johann Kroha

  2. Part II: Tuneable Photonic Crystals

    1. Chapter 11

      Polymer Based Tuneable Photonic Crystals (pages 199–219)

      J. H. Wülbern, M. Schmidt, U. Hübner, R. Boucher, W. Volksen, Y. Lu, R. Zentel and M. Eich

  3. Part III: Photonic Crystal Fibres

    1. Chapter 16

      Preparation and Application of Functionalized Photonic Crystal Fibres (pages 289–311)

      H. Bartelt, J. Kirchhof, J. Kobelke, K. Schuster, A. Schwuchow, K. Mörl, U. Röpke, J. Leppert, H. Lehmann, S. Smolka, M. Barth, O. Benson, S. Taccheo and C. D'Andrea

  4. Part IV: Plasmonic and Metamaterials

    1. Chapter 19

      Optical Properties of Disordered Metallic Photonic Crystal Slabs (pages 349–367)

      D. Nau, A. Schönhardt, A. Christ, T. Zentgraf, Ch. Bauer, J. Kuhl and H. Giessen

    2. Chapter 22

      Negative Permeability around 630 nm in Nanofabricated Vertical Meander Metamaterials (pages 399–416)

      Heinz Schweizer, Liwei Fu, Hedwig Gräbeldinger, Hongcang Guo, Na Liu, Stefan Kaiser and Harald Giessen

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