Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces

Metallic Biomaterial Interfaces

Editor(s): Jürgen Breme, C. James Kirkpatrick, Roger Thull

Published Online: 11 JUL 2008

Print ISBN: 9783527318605

Online ISBN: 9783527622603

DOI: 10.1002/9783527622603

About this Book

Clearly divided into three sections on the interface influence of materials and surface modifications, the physical and physicochemical surface characterization, and the biological characterization of the interface and biosystem reactions, this book is the first to concentrate on the highly important area of metal-based implants and their improved functionality and acceptance by the body.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Interface Influence of Materials and Surface Modification

    1. Chapter 2

      Metals and Alloys (pages 5–18)

      Stefan Winter, Dirk Velten, Frank Aubertin, Christa Sauer, Dirk Handtrack, Bernd Kieback, Gert Richter, Hartmut Worch and Wolfgang Pompe

    2. Chapter 3

      Topological Surface Modifications (pages 19–50)

      Bettina Hoffmann, Günter Ziegler, Regina Lange, Ulrich Beck, Lenka Müller, Egle Conforto, Frank A. Müller, Ulrich T. Seyfert, Frank Aubertin, André Gorbunoff, Wolfgang Pompe and Michael Gelinsky

    3. Chapter 4

      Chemical Surface Modifications (pages 51–116)

      Stefan Winter, Dirk Velten, Frank Aubertin, Frank Heidenau, Günter Ziegler, Frank A. Müller, Lenka Müller, Bettina Hoffmann, Volker Faust, Irina Dieser, Georg Lipps, Rainer Müller, Klaus Heckmann, Peter Angele, Richard Kujat, Michael Nerlich, David Tebbe, Uwe Gbureck, Prof. Dr. Roger Thull, Doris Klee, Jürgen Böing, Hartwig Höcker, Tilo Pompe, Carsten Werner and Hartmut Worch

  2. Part II: Physical and Physicochemical Surface Characterization

    1. Chapter 2

      Surface Topology (pages 121–141)

      Ulrich Beck, Regina Lange and Prof. Dr. Roger Thull

  3. Part III: Biological Characterization of the Interface and Materials-Related Biosystem Reactions

    1. Chapter 1

      Protein and Cell Adhesion Mechanisms (pages 171–189)

      Andrea Ewald, Patrick Elter, Prof. Dr. Roger Thull, J. G. Barbara Nebe, Frank Lüthen, Thomas K. Monsees and Richard H. W. Funk

    2. Chapter 2

      Material-Induced Cellular Interactions (pages 191–213)

      Thomas K. Monsees, Richard H. W. Funk, Hartwig Wolburg, Friederike Pfeiffer, Andreas Heeren, Wolfgang Henschel, Jürgen Geis-Gerstorfer, Lutz Scheideler, Dieter Kern, Kirsten Peters, Ronald E. Unger, Roman Tsaryk, Harald Schmidt, Günter Kamp and Prof. Dr. C. James Kirkpatrick

    3. Chapter 3

      Topology-Dependent Cellular Interactions (pages 215–248)

      J. G. Barbara Nebe, Frank Lüthen, Joachim Rychly, Eva Eisenbarth, Margit Müller, Stefan Winter, Dirk Velten, Frank Aubertin, Thomas K. Monsees, Richard H. W. Funk, Bettina Hoffmann, Frank Heidenau, Rainer Detsch, Günter Ziegler, Tilo Pompe, Manuela Herklotz, Carsten Werner, Andrei P. Sommer, Rosemarie Fuhrmann and Ralf-Peter Franke

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