Nuclear Receptors as Drug Targets

Nuclear Receptors as Drug Targets

Editor(s): Eckhard Ottow, Hilmar Weinmann

Print ISBN: 9783527318728

Online ISBN: 9783527623297

DOI: 10.1002/9783527623297

Series Editor(s): Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers


"With increasing importance attributed to this area, the text is a welcome review of the current field.... The quality of the text is good with very readable chapters and many useful original literature references. The book will be clearly valuable for both academic and industrial groups engaged in drug discovery." (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, March 2009)

"This is an excellent book for scientists interested in adding or expanding expertise in nuclear receptor drug discovery to their skill set. The chapters are timely, well referenced into the 2008 literature, and focused on the chemistry of successful and emerging therapeutic small molecules." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, March 10, 2009)

"The book is a good reference for medicinal chemists, pharmacologists and those working in the pharmaceutical industry." (RoSearch, December 2008)